Green Acres

Season 5 Episode 23

The Beeping Rock

Aired Unknown Mar 21, 1970 on CBS

Episode Recap

Oliver returns from Pixley with the Sunday paper; Lisa accuses him of having gone out looking for an open bar. The newspaper's an anniversary issue with news of the past and present. Oliver notes the stories about the Wright Brothers first flight and man walking on the moon being in the same edition. Eb says the moon trip was nothing. His friend, 11-year-old genius Dinky Watson, had already been there in his own rocket. Eb invites Dinky over to show Oliver his moon rocks.

Oliver meets Dinky who says he got the plans for his rocket from "Popular Mechanics" He offers to sell Oliver a moon rock for fourteen bucks. Ahhh. Now Oliver smells a scam. Lisa buys the rock.

That night, under a full moon, Lisa brings the rock into the bedroom. As creepy music plays, Lisa is awakened by the sound of something beeping. The beeping is coming from the moon rock! Oliver's convinced it's a joke being played on them by Dinky.

Dinky denies he's done anything to make it beep, so Oliver tries to crack it open; he can't, so he takes it to a doctor to have it X-rayed. (The doctor wants to X-ray Oliver's head.) There's nothing inside the rock, so the doctor gives Oliver a prescription that will stop the beeping.

Haney arrives and proclaims the rock a fake. Luckily, he just happens to have a very fine selection of genuine moon rocks on the back of his truck. He'll sell the Douglases his whole collection for $87, including dirt collected from the "Sea of Tran-quil-lil-ity". Olvier tells him to scram.

Arnold visits, begins snorting, and the rock begins beeping back at him. Oliver tries to leave, but runs into Mr. Kimball at the door. Kimball says a traveling exhibit of moon rocks had been through the area, so Oliver's convinced it's been stolen.

He calls NASA and tells them about his rock that beeps at a pig. The NASA spokesman suggests he should contact Alcoholic's Anonymous.

After another night of beeping, Oliver mails it to Houston. A scientist says yes, it's a real moon rock. He shows the spokesman who talked with Oliver that all moon rocks beep under simulated moonlight. It turns out the president has been keeping it a secret because he doesn't believe the public is ready for such a thing.