Green Acres

Season 6 Episode 22

The Carpenter's Ball

Aired Unknown Feb 23, 1971 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • The winner of the nail driving competition at the ball wins a gold-plated hammer worth $6.98 retail.

    • Oliver finished third in the Carpenter's Ball beauty contest. Lisa says he would have won if he'd been nice to the judges.

    • To make Lisa jealous, "Haney's Marriage Salvage Service" produces Oliver's date for the ball: Ingrid, a Norwegian woman smuggled over in a shipment of kippered herring.

  • Quotes

    • Sam Drucker: (Haney gossips that Lisa and Hank are running off to Acapulco) That's nonsense. Mrs. Douglas isn't that kind of a woman.
      Haney: That's what they said about Cleopatra just before she run off with Richard Burton.
      Sam Drucker: Cleopatra didn't--
      Fred Ziffel: I still can't figure why she picked Hank Kimball.
      Haney: Well, I've heard he has a certain animal attraction.
      Fred Ziffel: Well, I never seen no dogs runnin' after him.

    • Oliver: (about a TV show he plans to watch) it's a documentary on pollution.
      Lisa: You don't have to watch TV to know how to get polluted.
      Oliver: It's not that kind of pollution.
      Lisa: What other kind do you know?

    • Fred Ziffel: I kinda hate to see the Douglas marriage break up.
      : Maybe it don't have to. Maybe I can salvage it.
      Sam Drucker
      : Whatta 'ya got in mind, Haney?
      : Sam, I ain't one to let a marriage go down the drain when they might be a few dollars stuffed in the pipe.

    • Hank:(Hank's excuse for not taking Ralph to the ball) Well, uh, I have to sit with my mother. That's her night to get the bends.

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