Green Acres

Season 5 Episode 21

The Case of the Hooterville Refund Fraud

Aired Unknown Feb 28, 1970 on CBS

Episode Recap

Harold Gilmore of the IRS opens the episode by telling about one of their odder cases from their files...
Oliver gets an $84 tax refund--something no one in Hooterville has ever heard of. Lisa accuses Oliver of cheating, and reminds him of the time he 'abductacated' his mother's false teeth as an entertainment expense.
Ziffle and Colby round up the farmers, total their losses for the last ten years and write in for a refund. Forget that they've never filed taxes.
Two weeks later, everyone at the general store cheers their leader, Mr. Douglas, when they get their refund checks totaling $572,000.
At a goverment hearing, it's discovered that a bearing burned out on their refund computer (!?!) and caused the problem. Mr. Feldinger, IRS special agent, is sent to retrieve the money as quietly as possible. After all, it's an election year.
Feldinger comes to arrest Oliver for masterminding the refund scheme. Oliver explains the situation, so Oliver is asked to talk to the locals to get the money back--no questions asked.
At Drucker's store, Haney is conducting an investment meeting for the Hooterville monkey racing track. Unlike dog races, the monkeys chase a wooden banana. Oliver tries to explain the refunds are all a mistake, but they won't listen. Instead, they vote to name the monkey racing track after him.
To get their cash back, the IRS becomes a silent partner in the Oliver Wendell Douglas Monkey Racing Track.
Gilmore wraps up the episode by saying the government gets 50% of the take from the track and expects to get it's money back in about three years. The show ends with Gilmore listening to the race on the radio as Haney calls the action.