Green Acres

Season 5 Episode 21

The Case of the Hooterville Refund Fraud

Aired Unknown Feb 28, 1970 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Lisa says monkey racing was the second most popular sport in Budapest. Number one was goulash betting. (There was a big pot of goulash in the town square and the residents would bet on when it would boil over.)

    • A burned-out bearing in the IRS computer results in Fred Ziffel getting a refund of $62,000, Newt Kiley: $45,000 and Mr. Colby: $38,000. In total, Hooterville residents got $572,000.

    • Lisa and Eb accuse Oliver of cheating on his taxes since one year he "deducticated" his mother's teeth as an entertainment expense.

    • Oliver's tax refund check is for $84.72.

  • Quotes

    • Oliver: (unable to get the locals to return the money) They're going to invest the money in Mr. Haney's monkey racing track.
      Fred Feldinger: What is that?
      Lisa: It's a track where the monkeys race around chasing a wooden banana.
      Oliver: You know about them?
      Lisa: Oh, yes. They had them all over Budapest. It was the biggest sport in Hungary. Well, not the biggest sport. The biggest sport was-- Well, the government put a stop to that, too.
      Fred Feldinger: Uh, what one was that?
      Lisa: Goulash betting.

    • Oliver: (explaining the check he received in the mail) It's a refund on my income tax.
      Fred: What's that?
      Oliver: It's a tax you pay on your income.
      Colby: When did that go into effect?
      Oliver: You mean you never heard of the income tax?
      Fred: How could we. We never had no income.

    • Haney: (calling the monkey race on the radio) The monkeys are in the starting gate! All set? Release the banana! And here come the monkeys!

    • Harold Gilmore: (rock shatter his office window) Must be close to April 15th. That's when the rocks start flying.

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