Green Acres

Season 6 Episode 1

The City Kids

Aired Unknown Sep 15, 1970 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Haney's truck isn't driving itself. It's his assistant, out-of-work actor Melvin Ackerman, wearing his invisible suit. His big film was The Little Man Who Wasn't There.

    • Haney's rental beds come equipped with a "Cot-o-Meter" to measure how long they've been used.

    • Lisa and Lori make banana jelly by boiling the whole bananas (in their skins), and then shoving them intact into jars.

    • Lisa sees the Executive Producer, Writer, and Director credits for this episode on the laundry while she's hanging the clothes on the clothesline.

  • Quotes

    • Lisa: I never saw corn growing until we moved out here four years ago. Come to think of it, I still haven't seen it.
      Oliver: Are you two through with your sarcasm?
      Eb: Not yet. Mention your tomatoes
      Lisa: Or your apples.
      Eb: Or your squash.
      Lisa: Or your carrots.
      Eb: Or we can succotash the whole thing up and make one big sarcasm out of it.

    • Lisa:(after seing the opening credits printed on her laundry) I just don't know why everybody's sending me their laundry this week.

  • Notes

    • In the final season of Green Acres, the opening of each episode has changed. Instead of going straight to the theme song, they have a short opening sequence, then cut to the theme song.

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