Green Acres

Season 6 Episode 2

The Coming-Out Party

Aired Unknown Sep 22, 1970 on CBS

Episode Recap

Lori, who slipped off the train in the previous episode, is still living with the Douglases. Eb interrupts Oliver's shower to show him the now soaking-wet Hooterville World Guardian story about how Lori escaped from the mob who shot Oliver when he refused to give her up. (It turns out Eb enhanced the story because it was boring otherwise.)
Lisa shows the opening credits to Lori, as they appear in a shot of the mantelpiece. As usual, Oliver has no idea what writing Lisa is seeing.
To introduce Lori to the local kids, Lisa plans a circus themed party. What should turn up on Oliver's front lawn but an elephant--and Mr. Haney. Haney offers to rent him for $300 a day, since Lisa ordered it. Oliver tells Haney to scram.
Oliver goes to Drucker's store to get a part for the tractor. While there, Sam shows him the invitation for what's now turned into a coming out party. Sam also says he can't get the part for his Hoyt-Clagwell tractor, but will have a blacksmith make one for him.
When he gets back to the house, there's Haney in a bi-plane, offering free rides for the party for a nominal fee. Oliver threatens to shoot him down in flames.
Lisa's new idea: a rock concert. All the kids can get rocks and throw them at him!
Lisa finally gives in and decides on an ice cream and cake party, but she needs $900 dollars for party dresses. He gives her ten bucks.
Oliver returns with seed from the general store. While Eb helps him unload the truck, he tries to talk Oliver into adopting Lori.
The next morning, Arnold awakens the Douglases, wearing a Red Baron outfit. Lisa forgot to tell him the plane and elephant had been canceled. Oliver gets up to search for a tractor to rent.
He comes back after the party empty handed. They tell him how much fun the party was. Eb pulls up in the tractor, having just plowed three acres. One of the kids had found a replacement part on the scavenger hunt.
That night, Oliver tells Lisa she's a good kid for coming through with scavenger hunt idea. Arnold comes in wanting his ten bucks, since he's the kid who found the part.

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