Green Acres

Season 3 Episode 1

The Man For the Job

Aired Unknown Sep 06, 1967 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Fred tells Oliver they don't have Democratic or Republican parties in "this state." Of course, we never learn what state Hooterville is in.

    • Brad Collins, the current state senator, is resigning at age 92 to get married and raise a family. His fiance is 96.

    • During the flashback, when Oliver is giving his speech about farming to the guys in Druckers Store, the typical "Yankee Doodle Dandy" fife music is playing in the background. This was added for this episode, as it didn't have the music the first time it aired (as the premier episode)

    • The names of the executive producer, Paul Henning, and writers Jay Sommers and Dick Chevillat appear on Lisa's hotscakes. Director Richard L Bare's name appears on a piece of toast.

  • Quotes

    • Dooly Watkins: (asking about Oliver) What kind of man is he?
      Ralph: When he's not a sorehead?
      Dooly Watkins
      : Yes.
      Ralph: He's a hot head.

    • Grover Simpson: Well, how long did you serve in WWI?
      : WWII!
      Grover Simpson: Who was that one with?

    • (Oliver is giving his standard "wanting to be a farmer" speech, with the fife playing in the background)
      Dooly Watkins
      : That's a nice speech.
      : Did you like the fife?
      Dooly Watkins
      : How's that?
      : She always thinks she hears a fife.

    • (after the opening credits appeared on Lisa's cooking)
      : Well, Good morning. What's for Breakfast?
      : Namescakes.
      : Namescakes?
      : Hotscakes with names on them.

    • Lisa: (after the credits disappear from the hotscakes and toast) The names just stay on long enough for their mothers to see them.
      Oliver: Lisa, Have you been sniffing your paprika again?

  • Notes

    • Several clips from previous episodes are incorporated into this episode. Characters Joe Carson, Alf Monroe, Floyd Smoot and Dr. Faber appear only in the flashbacks.

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