Green Acres

Season 6 Episode 17

The Wedding Deal

Aired Unknown Jan 19, 1971 on CBS

Episode Recap

Oliver is starving for lunch but Lisa says it won't be ready until it beeps. With just two weeks until Eb ties the knot, he tells "Dad" that he and Darlene are planning on moving in with them! Oliver says it's a very bad idea. Lunch starts beeping and Lisa produces a baked chicken from the oven. It's a polarized chicken; it beeps when its ready. Lisa says they're planning on coming out with a camera that does the same thing.

At the general store, Sam Drucker suggests the Douglases buy his and hers bathrobes for the newlyweds. Unfortunately, he only has two his robes. Sam hears beeping and has to run. His polarized duck is ready.

Mr. Haney arrives at the farm with the ideal spot for the wedding. It comes with cash and gifts--all for free. Eb says great! Where is it? It's at the Tidy Brite car wash. Darlene says no to the idea. She wants a traditional church wedding. "What kind of deal will a church give us?" Eb asks.

Eb tells "Dad" they he's not getting married in a car wash. Instead, Haney has arranged for them to get a household full of furniture--if they get married in the front window of a furniture emporium. Darlene's dad says no way, but Haney says they have a contract. Eb will be sued for $150,000 for breach of contract if he doesn't go through with it. Haney suggests Lisa and Oliver get married to fulfill the contract!

Eb and Darlene watch the wedding on the Pixley television station. The wedding announcer, acting like Johnny Olsen, gives a pitch for the Clagwell church organ. (It comes equipped with keys that play sound effects.) He then does a sales pitch for Lisa's gown, available in the emporium. Oliver's suit is 25% off in the store's men's department.

At home in bed, the Douglases are startled by a duck, gunfire, bombs and an elephant trumpeting. Eb is in the living room practicing the organ.

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