Green Acres

Season 5 Episode 8

The Youth Center

Aired Unknown Nov 15, 1969 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Alarmed by the dropping population of Hooterville, Oliver calls a town meeting to find a way to keep the young people from moving away. Lisa urges him not to become involved because his "goo dooding" always backfires, but he forges ahead anyway. Soon, he's involuntarily volunteered his barn to be the valley's new youth center.moreless

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    Hal Smith

    Hal Smith

    Horace Colby

    Guest Star

    Alvy Moore

    Alvy Moore

    Hank Kimball

    Recurring Role

    Frank Cady

    Frank Cady

    Sam Drucker

    Recurring Role

    Hank Patterson

    Hank Patterson

    Fred Ziffel

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (4)

      • Kimball offers to show the teenagers a new agriculture department film, The Sex Life of the Corn Bore.

      • Lisa offers Mr. Colby a cup of dry coffee grounds. Eb later says how much he likes her crunchy coffee.

      • The new Hooterville town sign says the population is 48 and the elevation is 23". Drucker says the "Pop." has dropped to 46 and the "El." is now 18".

      • Sign painters the Monroe Brothers can't spell. The writing on their car says "Country Rode Sign Department". Their caution sign reads "RR Crossing Cawshun".

    • QUOTES (6)

      • Sam: I now declare this emergency meeting of the Hooterville township to be in session.
        : What's the emergency?
        Sam: That'll be explained to us by Mr. Douglas who requested the meeting.
        Haney: I just remembered some real un-important stuff I gotta do. (starts to get up)
        Sam: Sit down, Haney! Folks, I'd like to present to you the town's leading goo-dooder, Mr. Douglas.

      • Colby: (after offering to sell Oliver his farm) Now you think about what I said and if you're interested, I'll dicker you a good deal. (he leaves)
        Lisa: What did me mean "dicker you"?
        Oliver: Oh, that's the way they talk in the country.
        Lisa: Oh. Didn't anybody ever dicker you in the city?

      • (Eb suggests drag racing to keep youth in Hooterville)
        Oliver: Drag racing?
        Eb: Yes sir, to see how fast guys can run in girls' clothes?

      • Arnold: Oink. Oink. Oink.
        Fred: Anybody know a three-letter word for actor?
        Haney: Ham.
        (Arnold squeals)
        Haney: Oh, I'm sorry Arnold, but we all gotta go sometime.

      • Lisa: Oliver, why do you always have to be a goo dooder?

      • (Sam says the elevation of Hooterville has dropped)
        Oliver: How can the elevation change?
        Sam: Hooterville is subject to sinking spells.

    • NOTES (0)

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Both Haney and Fred Ziffel mention listening to Mert and Margeon the radio, but that they're been replaced by The Great Gildersleeve. Mert and Marge was a radio series popular during the 1930s and Gildersleeve, starring Hal Peary, debuted in 1941.

      • Fred Ziffel makes another of his periodic references to Gilda Gray, a dancer in the 1920s famous for her "shimmy" dancing.