Green Acres

Season 5 Episode 24

Uncle Fedor

Aired Unknown Mar 28, 1970 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Lisa explains that Fedor is not really her uncle. He's her father's cousin on the other side of her mother. He rented a room from them at the palace.

    • When the alarm clock awakens Lisa at the start of the show, she tries to get Oliver to roll over and watch the opening credits as they appear.

    • Haney's do-it-yourself protection kit consists of a direct line to the FBI (a phone in a shoe) and an Army-trained Commando dog disguised in a chimp suit.

  • Quotes

    • Hank Kimball: (to Fedor, who's poorly disguised in one of Lisa's fluffy housecoats) Oh, hello, Mrs. Douglas.
      Lisa: I am Mrs. Douglas!
      Hank Kimball: Oh?, Then, uh, who is this pretty little thing?
      Lisa: This is my Aunt Fedor.
      Hank Kimball: Oh, well, Aunt Fedor, you're the spitting image of Mrs. Douglas. Well, not the spitting image. You need a shave!

    • Oliver: (reading Fedor's note) Do not try to follow me. This note will self destruct in five seconds. He's got the most vivid imagination---
      (Note bursts into flames)

    • Lisa: (in bed with sleeping Oliver at start of show) Oliver, you want to wake up and watch the names?
      (Executive Producer credit appears on screen)
      : Oliver! You missed the Executive Producer.
      r: The Exec-- Lisa, please.(Writers credit appears, Lisa nudges Oliver)
      : What?
      : You blew the "Written By's", too.
      : Oh, will you please let me sleep?(Director credit appears, nudges Oliver)
      : What now?
      Lisa: I just wanted to tell you that the names are all through and you can go back to sleep.

    • Lisa: (taking women's clothes off of Uncle Fedor) My "Aunt Fedor" is really my Uncle Fedor.
      Mr. Kimball: I've heard about those operations.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Eb says it's like being in an episode of Mission: Impossible, a popular series about foreign intrigue airing on CBS.

    • Mr. Haney's "No Names Please" security agency uses a shoe phone, just like Maxwell Smart on the TV series Get Smart, currently airing on CBS.

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