Green Green Grass

Friday 8:30 PM on BBC Premiered Sep 09, 2005 In Season


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  • only fools and horses 'in the country'

    Boycie, marlene and young tyler swap peckham for wellies, dung and the country life. When boycie discovers the violent driscoll brothers are out of prison and are looking for the grass who put them there, he reacts with customary cowardice. overnight, he does a moonlight flit - with his wife and recalcitrant son Tyler - to a secluded farm in shropshire.

    In my opiion this is one of the best british comedys theres will never be as funny as only fools and horses but it still gives the audience what every comedy needs, jokes, diasters e.g when boycie bought a gay bull for £18000.
  • The Green Green Grass is about as funny as a sack of puke. Its just a shame that Mr. Sullivan has no more Minder plots to work from.

    This is one spin off that should have kept going. There is nothing funny in this show at all. Only Fools was made funny when the script wasn't by the talents of the cast and a lot of his story lines came directly out of Minder, for example,'Slow bus to Chingford' was an ex Minder plot when arthur bought an old police bus and decided to do 'ethnic tours'. It is sad really because Mr. Sullivan has proved (at the time of Leonard Pearce's death for example) that he can turn out good stuff when he puts his mind to it. The problem is, that in any walk of life one is only as good as the last thing that you did. And that for Mr. Sullivan should have been Only fools.