Green Green

TV Kanagawa (ended 2003)





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  • it's ok i guess

    my revirw green green it's get agood plot in ages past a man and a woman tasted forbidden love even though they couid not be togeter they madea vow that would transend time it's a rommance but it's good and i'm a guy and not a big fan of rommance anime...
  • An OK show...

    Not a VERY good one, but still, most people never heard about it, or they didn't have access to it, or they didn't know it was airing... Right when I saw read an article about it I thought "this must be a cool show" and I wasn't wrong! It's a teen school show, full of young people making fun and getting angry one at the other, but most important, being mates. They are always together, even though sometimes they have to be appart, they know they can count one at the other, and that's what is the most important after all.
  • The show mainly consists of a high-school academy 11th grade student named Yuusuke Takasaki. His world is turned upside-down when this one girl named Midori becomes immediately infatuated with him, yet he can't figure out why, or what is her purpose.

    This show was simply amazing. I admit I never really found out well about what this show was like, but after viewing the episodes. It felt like Love Hina all over again, but with several plot differences. Anyway, Yuusuke gets himself into many crazy situations that he always finds a way to get out of it. This is definitely worth watching. Sure, it contains some ecchi material, but the humor is non-stop! So, if YOU want to know more, why not try watching it on DVD!
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