Green Lantern: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 21


Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Feb 09, 2013 on Cartoon Network
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Hal and his team are stranded on a planet with depleted power rings, and are forced to take refuge from the poisonous atmosphere in a domed city... home to bandits and thieves from across the sector.

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  • Pure solid entertainment and fun

    A light-hearted, absolutely enjoyable episode. We take a break from the Aya/Razer conflict and just have fun for a change. After such an emotionally charged last few episodes where Razer loses Aya twice already, we turn to comedy to lighten up a bit. Our heroes are faced with insurmountable challenges - methane atmosphere, depleted rings, a broken interceptor, 10 hours to recharge the main battery core, and a planet with hostile natives. Added to this, it was hilarious seeing how teamwork can survive when they have all lost their universal translators and could barely understand each other. Each were speaking in their own native tongue and it is impressive how they still survived. I loved the inter-play between Hal and Kilowog as they try to make fun of each other's suit and Razer translating it as "Oh yeah, he likes your suit too," to the agreement they all had regarding hitching a ride into the domed city. Kilowog's bartering expertise was a hoot, when Hal would never exchange his girl Carol for anything, and Razer keeping such an arsenal of weapons - where on earth does he keep them? Another epic laugh was Kilowog throwing the manhunter head at Razer forgetting that Razer is a red lantern not a green one. The chase scenes were so good, it was non-stop action all the way culminating in a 'gladiator type fight' where despite not understanding each other, they still managed to defeat their opponent. All in all - it was a great, fun, awesome episode and I for one would miss this series so very badly.

    Razer's native language sounded so sexy and for awhile there, being a girl, I felt lust towards this character. But the main message really was Hal stating that they are lanterns not just because of their rings but because of their hearts and minds. The ending of this episode was classic - Kilowog saying: "Yeah, oh yeah" to Razer's "it was very moving;" when Hal explained his speech of one for all and all for one - then when Hal left they looked at each other with Kilowog saying: "did you understand what he was saying" to Razer saying not a word.

    I guess the only thing disconcerting for me was how Razer did not seem to "miss" Aya - it was all left to Hal to keep mentioning about rescuing her. Maybe we shall see Razer being Aya's redemption in the last few episodes. Whatever happens, they are certainly making sure that this series becomes one of the most memorable of all time. Real pity that such a stellar cartoon series is being cancelled. This is such a rare gem with such a fantastic cast, wonderful writers, well played music and great directors.moreless

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