Green Lantern: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 17

Blue Hope

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Jan 12, 2013 on Cartoon Network
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The Anti-Monitor has his Manhunters attack the Blue Lantern homeworld in an attempt to wipe out Hope.

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  • Lost Episode?

    wow. i kinda feel like i missed an episode! like how did Aya get her body back? and what happened to that fish face dude? and how did they catch a manhunter? and how did Hal find this planet? sooo many questions!!!!!!!! but im glad Razor is back! and awwww! Razor and Aya would make a cute couple!! <3
  • Blue Soul

    This is another really good one that's got power. I do like that we do see the Blue Lanturn planet which seems more intuned with nature but I like it's temple structure which looks like a mix of both Chinese and Mayan archetecture. The Blue Corps force they have the same power as the green corp but however their line of thinking even behavior is different because it's seems more like it's based on zen philosophy.

    However what really made this episode for me was seeing Razor again as well as Aya. Razor is my favorate character in this show, because he is the most emotionally conflicted as well as sympathetic from the fact he lost his wife which sucks. He almost reminds me a bit like "Wolverine" from "X-Men" he's filled with lots of rage but he has a strong sense of honor and a heart.

    Anyway I really liked seeing the chemestry between both Razor and Aya again, hopefully it will go deeper later on. But I really liked that there were a couple of subtexts, one dealing with Aya whether she's a machine or living being. And for Razor if he can love again.

    There is an interesting converstaion between both Aya and the anti monitor. Aya tries to see if there is any sign of life with the Anti Monitor but there isn't the Anti Monitor just does what it's programed to do which is to destroy all beings that possess emotion because emotion to them is a disease. This makes the Anti Monitor just plain evil, which makes it not a true living being. Aya is a living being because even though she is a machine she has the ability to think for herself and feel things she does possess genuine feelings for Razor.

    It's likewise for Razor, as he realizes his feelings for Aya are genuine it doesn't matter who she is, and if you feel that it really is right to move on. One great moment was when an anti monitor shoots Aya which hurts her, and it drives Razor to the edge he just goes balistic on the anit monitor with his Red Lanturn power; it was a further demonstration of those feelings. Good for Razor, I'd probably go balistic to if anyone ever physically hurt my girlfriend.

    It's true that this demonstrated also that he still had some rage in him but personally I'm glad, I didn't want Razor to change too much I want a little in between with him, where he's angry and agressive when necessary but calm at points.

    And the ending is touching because we then see Razor and Aya walk to the ship together, it didn't mean their officially a couple yet but it showed they've both take a step toward it.moreless

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