Green Lantern: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 20

Cold Fury

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Feb 02, 2013 on Cartoon Network
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Still suffering from the loss of a teammate, Hal and the others have no choice but to turn and battle the Manhunters... and the Anti-Monitor.

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  • Oh Razer, what have you done???

    Green Lantern "Cold Fury" was an amazing episode but the heart of this story is Razer and Aya - I still can't get over how Razer suddenly changes - from loving Aya the way she was - artificial intelligence and all - to suddenly using the lame excuse of "I only said that because you look like my dear Illana," or "I can not love a machine" - All throughout the series, it was implied that Razer KNEW she is a computer, that Razer KNEW that she is a machine, and yet he loved her irrespective of whether she looked like his dead love or not. In the episode "in Love and War," he was transported via the Star Sapphires directly to her - not his dead wife, but to her - Aya. In "Prisoner of Sinestro," he made a pass at her even if he was under the influence of an alien force, and even worried if he hurt her in any way towards the end of that episode. Every episode where they had scenes together, it was implied that he loved her just as she was - an artificial intelligence with emotions. So I agree with Aya when she said; "Your actions are not consistent with what you said" - Just the previous episode, he wanted to kiss her and she was still in "robot" form. So it does not make sense that he does "not" love her any more. What a quick change of heart - when all along he has shown so much concern and feelings towards her - machine or not. I believe that he did that because he can not face yet another loss - did you notice how he had to clench his fists before he "lied" to her about not loving her? It's as though he was forcing himself to say the very things he never meant to say. The man suffered 2 great losses already - both died in his arms - both were killed. To have to endure the pain of loss, his only way out was to shut himself down literally. Withdraw from Aya, protect himself and his own emotional stability. That seems to be the only logical reason why he had to hurt Aya, he had to push her away not realising the consequences of his actions. For Aya's part, I really can not blame her for fusing herself with the Anti-Monitor, for shutting down her own emotions too, to escape pain. The interesting part is that her emotions were shut down, not completely switched off. Her actions were of anger, rage, despair all rolled into coldness which all reek of emotions - they are still there.

    I just hope now that there is some kind of "happy ending" for these two characters. That somehow, Aya regains what she used to be and that she is free of pain because she does deserve more than this. When she kept on saying: "Processing, processing" I just wanted to reach out and hug her. And when Razer said: " I can not love you," I wanted to shake him! What? You can't confess your love one episode only to take it back the next episode! If Hal was there he'd probably say something like: "That is not what you meant, you mean you do not want to get hurt again, you do not want to go through losing someone you loved" - that I am sure is what was behind all this. It would be interesting to see how the series really ends.moreless
  • Scorn

    This is part 2 of the Manhunter arc, just when you think things couldn't get a hell of a lot worse they do.

    I liked some of that emotion from the begining as Razor was delivering news of Aya's death, from his voice and look you can tell he was broken. Then of course Hal spouts out some bullcrap toward Razor, and I thought "How dare you!" Razor did everything he could to get back to the ship but he was in an ambush sittuation which are the hardest sittuations to fight though and survive.

    But of course this sadest comes to an end when Aya comes back, so for fans of the charcter you can stop your fretting. I rejust seeally liked the look on Razor's face he was both supprised but also slightly happy that the one he loves is back which means he still has his second chance, right?

    Well unfortunately this is where the sadness restarts, and I'll admit this was something that I personally felt came out of left field. When Razor unfortunately blows it with Aya by trying to take back his confession of loving her by saying that he doesn't he was really thinking about his lost love Alora. I know a croc of crap when I hear it, I'll admit I was just disapointed in Razor I know he did that because he's too yellow to admit the truth about his feelings for Aya, sorry that sounded bold but those words from Razor hurt me too. I knew at that point, fate wasn't smiling upon Razor and he was going to pay the penilty in the worst way possbile.

    We then see Aya confussed and hurt, she's just unable to focus on any of her duties because she is in such a state of distress. And we see she wants someone to talk to sort the hurt she's feeling and struggling to make sense of, but unfortunately she can't get help from anyone because their all too busy with the sittuation and dismissing her a bit coldly. Then there are some camera shots of her viewpoint as well as the look on her face, she was making a terrible conclusion that emotions are usless.

    The battle sequence I thought was very good, though what was interesting was that it was more of a starship battle since no one really got out to use the rings, except for one whom I'll talk about latter. You just see space just doted with both the Red Lanturn starships, Man Hunters, as well as the Green Lanturn ship. Just left and right, up and down there are lazers and Manhunters, Hal is pulling off tons of Air Force manuvers while Killowog and Razor are just shooting, but it's practically endless no matter how much effort they spend it's just not enough. Then Aya comes out super powered and just defeats the Master Manhunter in one blow like he was some flunky, I thought that was awesome and gave me a brief sense of relief.

    But like I said brief, as fate then a bad turn when we see Aya then assume the possition as Master Man Hunter. At that point my heart just sank and in the end we see Razor with that look of hurt once again, but the worst part was he brought it on himself.

    As an old saying goes "Hell Hath No Fury than a womanmoreless
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