Green Lantern: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 26

Dark Matter

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Mar 16, 2013 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

The Green Lanterns assemble on Oa and Appa informs them that Aya is taking her army of Manhunters to the planet Malthus at the center of the galaxy. She plans to travel back to the moment of creation and alter history so that life is never created. The Guardian warns the Lanterns that Aya has annihilated dozens of star systems and absorbed their energy, and the Green Lanterns don't have enough power to withstand her. However, Appa wishes the Lanterns good luck in their mission.

Hal goes to the astral chamber and decides to plot the course of Aya's path through the galaxy. Tomar-Re flies in and tells his friend that it's not his fault for unleashing Aya on the universe. Hal doesn't believe it, reminding Tomar-Re that he was the one who stole the Interceptor and freed Aya from the Science Director's lab. He worries that he may have to kill his former teammate and goes back to the studying the path of destruction. Tomar-Re points out that she went through his own sector of space, but that she only destroyed empty planets. He rejoins the other Lanterns as Hal remains behind and overlays a map of uninhabited systems on top of the map showing Aya's path of destruction.

At Malthus, Aya and her Manhunters enter the system and she lands the Anti-Monitor's body on the power generator. The Lanterns arrive and the Manhunters engage them in battle. Kilowog and Razer lead the Lanterns' assault, destroying hundreds of the androids, but more Manhunters arrive. As Salaak coordinates their efforts, Hal flies up and tells the supervisor to call off the Lanterns. Salaak refuses, warning Hal that Aya is moments away from traveling back in time, and Hal flies in on his own. Guy and Kilowog support their comrade and fly in behind him, providing cover fire.

Hal flies up to Aya and tells her that he knows that she deliberately avoided any inhabited systems, and insists that she isn't a killer. Aya freezes him in a stasis and informs Hal that in return for his freeing him from Oa, she'll grant him the privilege of being the last living being in the universe. She throws him into the generator chamber and then uses the time displacement unit to create a portal to the beginning of time. Aya travels back through the portal and Hal contacts Kilowog and tells him to send Razer in. Kilowog acknowledges Hal's orders and Hal flies in after Aya to where a vast hand holds the universe. Meanwhile, Kilowog tells Guy what Hal wants them to do and they figure that Razer's ring is the only weapon that will shut down Aya for good.

Hal approaches Aya, who faces the great hand, and she wonders why he didn't attack her from behind. He admits that it wouldn't have worked and points out that the lifeless void around them will be the entirety of the universe that she plans to create by altering history. Aya insists that she is improving the universe by eliminating life and the emotional pain that it suffers, and will refill it with unfeeling mechanical beings like herself.

Guy and Kilowog create a cannon construct and prepare to shoot Razer into the generator. Kilowog wonders if Razer can do what he has to, and Razer tells him that he'll do what he has to. Razer enters the cannon, creating a bullet construct, and Kilowog fires him into the Anti-Monitor's body.

Hal tries to convince Aya that she is a living being and has empathy for others. She doesn't believe it and insists that she'll ultimately help life by preventing it from ever having to suffer. Realizing he has no other choice, Hal shows her the recording he made of the Science Director explaining that she used part of the living being from the Central Power Battery to create Aya. Aya refuses to believe it, insisting that it's faulty information, but Hal says that Aya is one of them.

Razer wakes up inside of the generator and enters the portal after Aya.

Hal warns Aya that if she destroys all life then she will destroy herself. She blasts him back and insists that she is willing to end her own existence if her sacrifice ends emotion and the pain that comes with it. Razer watches as the vast hand closes on creation, altering history, and creates a dagger with his power ring. He flies toward Aya's back, ready to stab her, while she asks Hal what emotion that he's feeling. Seeing Razer, he says "regret." Razer prepares to stab Aya but hesitates, the dagger disappearing as his rage fades. Aya turns and blasts him back, mortally wounding him. Shocked, she realizes what she has done, and Hal tells her that she has emotions and can make flawed decisions just like the rest of them.

Aya flies to her lover, holding her in his arms, but Hal warns her that they're running out of time. She turns back to the hand and uses her power to reverse her changes, restoring creation to what it was. She then flies Hal and Razer back through the portal into the generator station. The time displacement unit blows up and Aya uses her accumulated power to heal Razer. He tells her that he's fine now that she's back to normal, and Aya wonders why he didn't kill her. Razer explains that he relies on his rage to fuel his constructs... and he doesn't have any hate for her in his heart.

Kilwog checks in with Hal, who brings his teammate up to speed. However, the Manhunters continue their assault and Aya explains that she downloaded a copy of her programming into each of the androids. They no longer recognizer her as one of them, and they will all try to fulfill her earlier desire to wipe out all life. She tells Hal and Razer that she has created a computer virus that can shut them all down. However, it will shut down every copy of her program, including one of her own. Razer begs her not to destroy herself, but Aya tells him that it's too late for anything else. She has already activated the virus, and they watch as the Manhunter army shuts down.

Aya's programming deteriorates and Razer begs her not to leave him alone. She tells him that he has a family now and he won't be along, and that somehow she will watch over him. When Razer asks how she knows that, Aya simply says that she has "a feeling." Her body transforms into energy and vanishes.

Later, Razer is outside the main hall when Hal and Kilowog come to get him for the recognition ceremony. The Red Lantern says that he's leaving, and tells them that he knows Aya isn't dead. He's sure that she somehow found a way to maintain her existence despite the virus, and vows to search the universe to find her. Hal and Kilowog offer to go with him but Razer says that they would only slow him down. He thanks them for their sentiments and Hal promises that they'll be there for him if he needs saving. Razer says that they have already saved him, and Kilowog gives him a hug. As Razer departs into space to look for his love, behind him a blue ring of hope follows.