Green Lantern: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 26

Dark Matter

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Mar 16, 2013 on Cartoon Network

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  • What is This Beautiful Madness?

    I can't believe it ended there. Yes, all problems solved; but now more questions remain. Is Aya really still alive? What will become of Hal and Kilawog? How will Razer fair as a Blue Lantern?

    Why couldn't this continue?


    This crazy, eventful, bitter-sweet episode was a wonderful finale. It made me cry, I admit it. They really wrapped up everything quite nicely.

    I still wish this series could continue, but at least I got my wish and they ended the season and the series with a bang.
  • Forever Love

    "From the little amount of time we've spent together, we've loved a lifetime's

    Sarah Connor

    "The Terminator"

    This is the finale for both the arc and the series which to me makes this episode all the more sad. This was I felt an interesting season because the first season was more about Hal, but this season really was about both Aya and Razor, and that was great since both are my favorate characters on the show; but the season's story as a whole was a tragic love story.

    Anyway down to the jist of things, this episode really wasn't about having the biggest battle, even though it did have a big battle which was good. It was really about the emotions. I really like the little twist we see with Aya character as Hal discovered all of the sectors Aya destroyed they were all dead planets. So we see that Aya isn't a killer, and that there still is the other option.

    I really like the talk down both Aya and Hal have, it's interesting that this wasn't some cleched smack down with the final enimy but actually a conversation. It was a little supenseful because your hoping Hal's words will kick into Aya. But as we see some of the words getting though to her, it's not enough she's still in a state of denial.

    This of course leads to a rather emotional moment. We see Razor flying toward Aya about to kill her with a dagger he formed with his power. As he's flying he then has tears in his eyes, I'll admit I really felt for him because you can see the action he was taking was breaking his heart. And we see supprising just as it was getting closer Aya turns and suddenly the dagger Razor has disapears. It makes sense it would happen because a Red Lanturn's power is based on anger and hate, Razor didn't have those things toward Aya, what he had for her was love. I feel this is also the transendance principle at work, Razor was the angerest person for a long time because he was so unhappy, unable to feel love again; but now he can which I think is a great feeling anyone should have.

    And then we see Aya blast Razor, I remember seeing that and thinking nooooo, due to the fact this was the final episode there were no guartees Razor would survive. After the action, we see Aya then exercise emotion and slowly turn back into her regular form. I thought that moment both Razor and Aya was both touching and beautiful, as we see Aya heals Razor. Aya was hurt but didn't hate Razor enough to kill him, we see she was able to forgive him; and Razor we see has learned his lesson it's a leason I feel is important for all. If your feelings for the other are true then don't wait, come clean with them now, taking them back or even holding them in does far greater damage to both the other and yourself.

    Both we see are coming clean on how they feel about one another, but what made the moment even more beautiful for me was the change in Aya's voice. This is a small but great detail for me, because Aya we see doesn't sound computerized or like a robot anymore but an actual person. It's once again the transendance principle, we see Aya is no longer a machine anymore but a living being, because she has the ability to love.

    But then it comes down to a heartwrenching conclusion as Aya once again self sacrifices to both save the universe but most important Razor by downloading a virus to the manhunters which also shuts her down. We just see the emotional words both say to each other in the final minutes, I'll admit it put tears in my eyes. It's never really about the length of time one has with the other but that they had any time at all for love.

    The ending was a little sad but I also felt touching and had a sense of hope. As we see in the final minutes Razor is going to leave the core, to go on his own quest for Aya believing she didn't die, she had to have some backup plan. I believe it's possible after all Aya said she wasn't sure what was happening to her and that she would always watch over Razor in some other form, could that mean she'll be an alien of Razor's species or a human? I don't know but that is something Razor is going to find out. We then see a touching farwell to both Hal and Killawog who does something I never thought he'd do hug. And as we see Razor take off into space we see a Blue Lanturn ring, which signified that Razor's trancendence is complete, he's no longer a Red Lanturn but a Blue Lanturn because there is love in his heart.

    This fact this is truely the series finale is all the more sad because it really shouldn't of been. It had potetial in fact came very close to going up the stratosphere. There was so much I wanted to see, like Sinestro becoming Fear and his Yellow Lanturn corps, other planets, Hal and Carol crossing paths again and interacting more. But two people I really wanted to see are Kyle Rainer and Soranik Natu those two are my favorate characters in the franchise let alone comic book couples. Heck may'be in the new season we would see Razor in Blue Lanturn form and Aya in some other form. I don't know this is all theory and expectations that unforunately will never be answered.

    Farewell, "Green Lanturn Animated Series", it may have been a short flight but the series went the distance. And farwell Razor and Aya wherever you are.
  • there is hope, there is always hope xxx

    I write this review in tears as well as in love. Love that I enjoyed this series so much and a great pity that I have watched the last ever episode. Will it come back to us again? Maybe..

    Guardian Appa Ali Apsa said in his rousing speech to the lanterns that - We must continue to fight. Good luck to you, OUR Green Lantern Corps - somehow I felt that was a message to us fans too, that we must continue to fight, that we must unite as one to keep this series going. It will take a miracle, but there is always hope.

    The battle scenes were beautifully crafted, and we get to see our favourite characters have a piece of the action. Salaak, Tomar-Re, Ch'p, even Chaselon and Luvox had wonderful moments that can never be replaced. Guy Gardner in all his arrogance and ego was loveable all the same, and admired for his sarcastic humour. Pity indeed that we will never get to see the other Lanterns nor will the story expand to accommodate a lot of story lines still untold in the Green Lantern mythology.

    Kilowog, that gentle giant, that faithful loyal friend made me smile when he gave Razer a hug before flying off to find Aya, and made me feel for him so much when he tried to empathise with Razer.

    Hal as usual is in his heroic best - pleading with Aya, trying to make her see sense. But in the end, it was Razer's deep love for her that turned her around, with Aya sacrificing herself yet again to save him and the universe. It was wonderful to see this adorable couple together yet again even if it was so brief - I was expecting a kiss here, especially when Aya was in tears and Razer said that he can never kill her for all he had in his heart was love for her.

    And that heart-melting moment when Razer shed a tear because he truly could not bring himself to hurt his love, had me reaching out for tissues and sobbing along with him.

    But the end was equally poignant. We see Razer flying off to the universe in search of his true love Aya and the blue ring of hope following him. So yes, Razer becomes a blue lantern and with hope so strong as he has in his heart, no doubt, he WILL find his Aya, and his legions of fans all around the globe can be put out of their misery and heave a sigh of relief that once and for all, there is truly a happy ending for Razer and Aya xxx
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