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Official Discussion Thread: Invasion (possible spoilers)

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    [1]May 19, 2012
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    Please direct all general and specific discussion of the 5/19/12 episode "Invasion" to this thread.

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    [2]May 19, 2012
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    Well, this is a good lead-up to the finale.

    Atrocitus destroys the asteroid belt the lighthosue was supposed to open.

    He gets that chick from the Mogo episode to hijack Ia and hyperdrives to Oa.

    Saint Walker receives the first Blue Lantern ring.

    I'm looking forward to next week's episode.

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    [3]May 19, 2012
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    Wonder if the Reds invading is what draws the Sinestro corps and Larfleeze out next season? No idea if they will appear at all, but this seems like an organic way to do it. Plus, Larfleeze would be a comedy goldmine. Also wondering how Mogo is going to get into the Guardians universe?

    Geeked out when Saint Walker told Mogo all would be well. Which brings us to four of the seven Lantern groups. Not counting the Black Lanterns, who would be really hard to do on a kids show.

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    [4]May 20, 2012
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    Great episode. Surprise, surprise the Guardians deicison to send all their GLs to frontier space is going to bite them on the ass. I suspect he finale will have all the frontier Lanterns joine Hal's group to fight the armada, while they somehow find a way to make it to Oa to stop Atrocitus. I want to sa next season will formally introduce Sinestro into the series and revea he has been building a Cors of his own. I can't see why they would introduce the Star Sapphires,RLC, and the making of the BLC (with Ganthet beng banished from the Guardians to boot) for them not to intrduce the remaining Corps.

    From what I read though the writers and producers said they had no plans on using Sinestro (but I have no idea if they meant for this season or the series). It seems fally to think they would leave Sinestro out of this series due to his history with Hal Jordan. But this series Hal and the other Lanterns are unware of the fear/yellow weakness, which hints Sinestro hasn't gotten a yellow ring yet. I personally will geek outif Kyle Rayner appears in this series. He is my favorite Earth Green Lantern and as of now he is the only GL not to have a major role in other media. Hal, John, and Guy have all been main characters in DC related television shows and movies, with those three all being in Young Justice series together.

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    [5]May 20, 2012
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    I expect the invasion episode to be epic.
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