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Official Discussion Thread: Larfleeze (possible spoilers)

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    Please direct all general and specific discussion of the 2/23/13 episode "Larfleeze" to this thread.

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    They nailed the Larfleeze. The mannerisms and temper tantrums were classic Larfleeze. I liked Kilwog and Razer's discussion/argument on dealing wit Aya in case they can't get through to her. Someone finally discussed the elephant in the room, about Razer's actions inadvertently led Ayato her dark path and Kilwog was perfect for that job. Razer lost his stoic behavior and yelled that he knew it was his fault (although,both acknowledge it wasn'ton purpose). Despite Razer being unsure if he should actually love Aya or not hehasn't given up on her andbelieves (hopes?) she can be saved. It shows his character development so far. Razer has been on the more cynical and practical side, butis placing his bets onhope and more ideal method.

    The Guardians are livid with Hal. Unlike the Manhunters and Red Lantern problems the last arc they havemore ground on the Aya front.Hal, Kilwog, and Razer all saw the Guardians dismantling Aya was cruel and the Guardians'detached nature hurting more people. However, Scar and the rest pointed out that their lastartificial life forms, the Manhunters deviated from their programing and ended up destroying several planets inFrontier space.When Aya deviated as well they wanted to study her and dismantle her to prevent a similar situation. Why it seemed wrong to kill Aya since she became self-aware and evolved, the Guardianswere trying to preventincident like the one that played out. It is nice to see the Guardians actions arehave more merit to them. The comics made the Guardians' actionsless and less reasonable and more stupid.

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    Decent episode. I was half expecting Larfleeze to call the lantern his "precious," but I'm glad they didn't make him do that as it would have been too obvious. The action seemed to be somewhat lacking, but I did like the dialogue and seeing what the Lanterns were thinking as far as taking Aya down.

    On it's own, the episode was only decent. However, it does manage to get you excited for the next episode. So that's good.
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