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Official Discussion Thread: Ranx (possible spoilers)

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    Please direct all general and specific discussion of the 3/9/13 episode "Ranx" to this thread.

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    Did anyone else feel like this episode went by too fast? The climax of the episode felt like it was the halfway point of the episode, like this was meant to be a 2 parter. I guess the next episode will pick up after this episode left off it is technically like a 2 parter. It is weird to see that Guy Gardner is a beloved member of the GLC that every Lantern except Hal seems to love. It is such a contrast from his modern comics. It was nice to see Guy again. He was promoted to Honor Guard like in the comics, which results in John Stewart being selected as his replacement in sector 2814. Hal makes a crack at John Stewart show when he learns this naturally.

    The show was establishing all the Earth Green Lanterns quickly. Guy was introduced in the premiere, Alan Scott was alluded to in the Steam Lantern episode, and now John was made a Green Lantern near the end of this season. Sucks this show is canned. I was looking forward to my favorite Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner being introduced to this series. Recent media hasn't been kind to him. Everyone is using Hal, Batman Brave and the Bold used Guy as its main GL, and Young Justice has Hal, Guy, and John in it, but no Kyle.

    I felt bad for Razer. At the end of the episode he had to give up on reasoning with Aya and agrees with Kilwog that they have to kill her to save all existence. Looking forward to the finale. I'm hoping the entire GLC fight Aya, so we can see more old characters again like Mogo, Sinsetro, Iolande, and get introduced to John too.

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