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Official Discussion Thread: Scarred (possible spoilers)

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    Please direct all general and specific discussion of the 3/2/13 episode "Scarred" to this thread.

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    Since this topic has been silent. Interesting that the science director essentially became Scar, means they were planting the seeds for Blackest Night. Wonder if they could've done it without her returning the Guardians. Nice to see Sayd return again, and Ion (or the shows equivalent) was referenced. Meanwhile, it doesn't seem like anything can stop Aya-monitor, maybe if she finds out she's part alive, she might... We'll see.
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    I don't see that they'd ever planned to do a Blackest Night, zombies ripping out people's hearts doesn't really fit that well with a Saturday morning cartoon.

    As for Aya-monitor, although it would be just a little forced at this point, the Indigo tribe haven't made an appearence and what better than a little compassion to help the psycho-robot realise that wiping out the universe would be a bad thing.

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    I liked the episode even more than last week's. Last episode aside from introducing Larfleeze and the Orange Lantern it had the characters questioning if they could save Aya or if they had to put her down for the sake of the universe. Last week I praised the writers for making the Aya-Monitor be Hal's fault and give the Guardians' precaution of destroying Aya more justification. This episode gives the Guardians more ground and at the same time give Hal's refusal to let Aya die some ground too.

    First I want to praise the Green Lantern Animated for being the first media outside of the comics that showcased the Guardians' true power. Other adaptions has the Guardians as powerless old guys who need to hide behind their GLs. The justification for it is probably, because if the Guardians had their full power in a cartoon or movie audience would ask why do they need the Green Lanterns. GLA has the Guardians fearing their own powers after Krona made the Anti-Monitor and the Manhuntersblocked them and they created the Green Lanterns to wield the Green/Will power. It makes this version of the Guardians more in line with the how the Guardians were originally portrayed, aswise beings who realize they are not perfect and have safe guards in place.At the same time it has the more modern interpretation as well, with them being so detached from the universe, because they gave up their emotions that their actionssometimes screw the universe.

    Scar is a perfect example.Unlike her brethen she kept her powers intact, in her arrogance feels she can handle the power and won't abuse it. It showed that she is different from the other Guardians. She is willing to bend the rules, which she do again by taking a piece of Ionto bring her creation to life. Underestimating how fast Aya would growand the power of emotions Aya went wild. Instead of teaching AyaScar gave her limits and wanted her to stay a machine, which was impossible, once she gave it life. Scar pulled the plug, put somesafeguards to keep her from feeling emotions and stuck her in the Guardians new ship.I love that they introduced or hinted at Ion existence. Ion is the embodiment of will. If the series continuedwe would have likely seen Parallax introduced as well.

    Razer was more determined then ever to save Aya nowafter learning sheis alive.Hal and Kilwoggrim expressions spoke louder than their words. They both know that if they can't get through to Aya they are going to have to try to kill her.Hal keeps being hopeful they can save her, while Kilwog doesn't want to kill Aya, but heisn't sugarcoating the situation either.I'm not sure if Scarintroduction was meant to be a homage or if the writers envisioned they wouldadapt Blackest Night storyline. Either is likely. Theydid manage to introduced the RLC,Star Sapphires, Larfleeze, and the BLC.They have introduced fear/yellow emotion, so I imagine the Sinestro Crops along with its founder's fall from grace would have been a story arc.The Indigo Tribe was bond to show up if the series continued. All in all it was a great episode.

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    Loved the episode. Aya having a spark of life from Ion certainly changes things somewhat. For one thing, it explains how she "rose above" her programming while the Manhunters couldn't, and it also helps justify Razer and Aya's shipping to people who dismissed the idea because they don't like the idea of a biological creature falling for a machine (including Razer himself who had a similar problem).

    I kind of wonder if the writers planned on Aya being a derivative of Ion all along, or if they threw that in there as the series progressed (the name suggests the former as Aya [pronounced "eye-uh"] sounds suspiciously close to Ion [pronounced "eye-on"]).

    I also wonder if they actually were planting the seeds for a Blackest Night adaptation. Did anyone notice how the science director's room had a black book with the symbol of the Black Lanterns on it? (makes me hopeful for a Direct-to-Video follow-up, since CN screwed this show over as far as getting a second season goes)

    It is kind of interesting though. In a single season, they've managed introduce almost every lantern type of the main spectrum except for two (and technically, they've devoted plenty of time to the yellow element, they just haven't had anyone wield it in ring form yet). I find that kind of impressive since the only types used in any other adaptation are either yellow or violet.
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