Green Lantern: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 23


Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Feb 23, 2013 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Appa Ali Apsa contacts the Interceptor and berates the Lanterns about how they helped Aya escape Oa, leading to her taking over the Anti-Monitor and vowing to destroy the universe. Hal takes full responsibility for what happens and tells the Guardian that he'll make it right. Appa tells them to land and download a new navigational Ai into the computer, and then return to Oa so that the Council can decide what to do next. Once the Guardian signs off, Hal suggests that they contact Aya and get through to her, but admits that they need a weapon powerful enough to restrain her while they talk. Razer remembers the old legends of the Orange Lantern Corps, who fought Atrocitus to a standstill, and suggests that they fly to the planet Okaara, homeworld of the Corps before they disappeared. As Hal sets a course for Okaara, Razer goes to his quarters and Kilowog wonders what happens if they can't go through to Aya. Hal admits that he doesn't know what to do and that they may to destroy their former teammate.

The Interceptor lands on Oa and Razer downloads the Guardians' new AI. As they wait for it to load, the three Lanterns fly out to find the source of the Orange Lanterns' power. Kilowog stays with Razer and asks how he's doing, and soon loses his temper when Razer snaps at him. He apologizes and Razer points out that he will be responsible for any deaths that happen since he was the one who drove Aya. As Razer flies off, Kilowog tries to contact Hal and gets no answer.

Hal has entered an underground chamber and sees something moving through the shadows, whispering repeatedly. He finally makes his way to a central chamber holding an orange power battery. Entranced, Hal approaches it but an alien leaps out of the shadows and refuses to let Hal take it. As Hal reaches the battery, he sees hundreds of orange power rings discarded and powerless around the base. The alien, Larfleeze, says that he is the only Orange Lantern left and refuses to let Hal borrow the battery to save the universe. Hal ignores Larfleeze and takes the battery, declaring that it now belongs to him. Larfleeze sends three orange constructs of his minion Globulus to attack Hal, who defeats them. The Orange Lantern then creates a giant energy construct of himself to attack Hal. Kilowog and Razer arrive in time to help Hal, destroying the construct, and Larfleeze scurries off into the shadows. Hal tells his friends that he's fine and flies back to the Interceptor with the orange power battery.

As Razer check on the AI, Kilowog tells Hal about his conversation with their teammate. Hal figures that it doesn't matter because they can now stop Aya using the orange power battery. The new AI, Lanos, speaks up and introduces itself, and Kilowog and Razer realize that it's extremely annoying. As they prepare to depart, Hal spends his time admiring the orange power battery. When they ask what he's doing, Hal insists that it's his and that they can't have it. The power battery charges him up, transforming him into an Orange Lantern, and Hal blasts his teammates back and flies off. They fly out after him as they realize that the orange power battery is fueled by the emotion of avarice.

Hal flies back into the tunnels and Kilowog and Razer go after him. Larfleeze sends another Globulus to consume them, but they shatter it and capture Larfleeze. Larfleeze angrily insists that he has nowhere to go because Hal has taken his home and his power battery. Kilowog offers the Orange Lantern a deal: his help for the return of his power battery. Larfleeze tries to negotiate but Kilowog and Razer walk away and the Orange Lantern finally agrees.

Hal goes to the main chamber and dons nine of the orange power rings, boosting his power nine fold. Larfleeze realizes what he's doing and runs into the chamber with Kilowog and Razer right behind him. As Kilowog and Razer try to get through to their comrade, Larfleeze leaps on Hal from behind, trying to take the power battery away. Hal attacks them all and easily overpowers them, blasting a hole in the ceiling. Kilowog looks up and is horrified to see the stars going out one by one.

As Larfleeze struggles with Hal for the power battery, Hal knocks him away and then prepares to kill him. Razer and Larfleeze look up and see the stars flickering up, and Larfleeze demands to know who is stealing his stars. Kilowog and Razer try to get through to their friend, reminding him of their mission to save the universe. Hal focuses all of his willpower and manages to negate the orange battery's hold on him. The orange power rings drop off his fingers and Hal gives the battery back to Larfleeze. The Orange Lantern clutches the battery protectively as Hal apologizes to him. Larfleeze reluctantly admits that they're not the worst guests he's had and that they returned what they stole. However, he can't bring himself to part with even the smallest trinket from his treasure horde to give them as a reward.

Back on the Interceptor, Hal and Kilowog warn Razer that if they can't convince Aya to stop her destruction of the universe, they may have to "kill" her. Razer angrily insists that they can't give up on her and Hal agrees, admitting that they didn't give up on him when he turned into a monster.

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