Green Lantern: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 19


Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Jan 26, 2013 on Cartoon Network
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The Science Director tries to negotiate a peace treaty with Zilius Zox of the Red Lantern Corps, while Hal and his crew deal with a Manhunter army coming through the Maelstrom and heading toward Ysmault.

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  • The pain of loss

    I know the pain of loss. I understand the immense emptiness it leaves when your love for someone can not be returned because they're gone. In Razer's and Aya's case, they do both love each other, have done so from the very beginning when Aya entered Razer's mind and felt the incredible anguish he had to go through when his first love died and he could not save her. Aya shared that strong emotion of love, of belonging to someone, of being cared for and looked after. She felt this, and although she did not know it at the time, she has already fallen for him. All throughout the series, it was she who felt so sad whenever Razer was not with the team, she felt loneliness when Razer was not on board. It was subtle, but it was there. She missed him.

    Razer, on the other hand, could not understand why he was developing feelings for Aya - did that come from losing his wife? Was he on the rebound? How can he have feelings like this - for a "machine" even? It did not make any sense. He tried to pull away from Aya. Even when Aya momentarily put her hand over his in the episode: "Prisoner of Sinestro," Razer quickly moved his hand away. Aya was distraught. She loved him more than she could admit. The disappointment on her face was all too evident to see that she has, well and truly fallen so very deeply in love with him. But Razer, could not bring himself to hope, to hope that he can love again even if deep down, he has already reciprocated Aya's feelings. Whenever Aya was hurt or injured in any way, it was Razer who came to her rescue. It was Razer who would fly to her side, hold her, carry her. He has been battling with himself all throughout this series - am I worthy of love again? Am I deserving of love once more?

    Time and time again, Aya has proven herself as a sentient being way beyond just being the ship's nav computer. She watches, learns, adjusts and adopts. A machine can not do that, but she took her programming onto a new and better level, she embraced emotion, she used emotion to grow, to become different, to mold herself into a being capable of love and being able to care for another. And she did this, every time Razer is in danger, it was Aya who worried about him, it was Aya who would fly to his side, who would always, always "come back" to him.

    Their love knows no bounds and in the ultimate sacrifice, she gives up her own existence to save the one and only love of her life - Razer. And is why I say I know the pain of loss, the way your heart can be ripped to shreds because the one love you have is no longer there. Razer finally admitted his love for Aya in her dying moments. And Aya now understands the meaning of regret - of not showing him her love while they were together, while they still could have done so.

    They never got to kiss. That was the saddest part, the most tragic moment in this love story. Razer has lost another love yet again. How can he honestly survive another loss? He was heart-broken once before and that was bad enough as that led him to rage and anger. This time round, what will he become? Will he have the will, the strength, the character and the power to re-build his shattered heart once more? Everything he has loved has been cruelly taken away from him. The two loves of his life both ended up dead. What now for Razer? How can he live?

  • omg!!

    such a beautiful but sad ending it better not be the end!
Sarah Douglas

Sarah Douglas

Science Director

Guest Star

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle


Guest Star

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

Zilius Zox

Recurring Role

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    • Hal: Our presence is the symbol of the newly formed alliance between the Red and the Green Lanterns. A chance for peace in the galaxy for generations to come.
      Kilowog: You know, you sound like one of those professional... what's it you're always telling me about?
      Hal: Politicians?
      Kilowog: No, liars.

    • Science Director: Excuse me, please, but Zox, it occurred to me. Perhaps we should consider putting a large monument to the Red Lanterns right here in this area. Something heroic.
      Zilius: Yes, that is a good idea. I know that a statue or two thousand of me might be just the thing to boost morale in the Forgotten Zone. Give them hope: a new leader rising heroically from the ashes.

    • Razer: You came back for me.
      Aya: Always.

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