Green Lantern: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 18

Prisoner of Sinestro

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Jan 19, 2013 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

The Interceptor and its crew fly onto their next mission while Kilowog tests Hal on Corps protocol in anticipation of their next fight against the Anti-Monitor. Aya tells Razer that it's good to have him back after his meditations on Odym, and he tells her that his quest to remove anger from his heart failed. When she says that she's glad he hasn't changed and offers to help him with the scans, Razer brusquely tells her that he prefers to work alone.

As they continue on, the crew receives a signature from another Green Lantern. Hal recognizes the Green Lantern, Thal Sinestro, as one of the most decorated veterans in the Corps and a personal hero. Kilowog also knows about Sinestro and dismisses him as a hothead and a rogue, but Hal likes him for exactly those reasons. Sinestro tells them that he has recovered a galactic criminal from the Spider Guild and asks for an escort to Oa. Hal figures that there's more involved and Sinestro admits that he hasn't escaped the Guild frigate yet and asks for their help.

As the Interceptor approaches the frigate, the Guild captain warns them off. When Hal demands that they let Sinestro and his prisoner go, the captain refuses and they open fire. Hal takes the Interceptor into the frigate, avoiding the enemy fire and causing damage in the interior. Sinestro catches up to them and the Guild captain calls to warn them that Sinestro's prisoner, Neuraxis, is highly dangerous. The captain then activates his frigate's self-destruct while Sinestro snags the Interceptor with a power ring. Hal takes the ship out into space just in time as the frigate blows up behind them.

Sinestro boards the Interceptor and tells the others that he has no idea why the Guild captain blew his ship up. He puts Neuraxis in a holding cell while Razer introduces himself. Sinestro wonders why they're keeping a Red Lantern as a mascot and Hal vouches for his crewmate. Kilowog observers Neuraxis and notices that the small alien creature is apparently sleeping, while Sinestro tells them that he's exhausted and need to get some rest.

Kilowog and the others to go the bridge and discover that the Guardians have no data on file about Neuraxis. The power goes out and Aya confirms that someone is tampering with the power couplings. Sinestro comes onto the bridge, wielding a stolen Spider Guild weapon, and opens fire on Razer. Razer's ring protects him but he's knocked to the floor, and Sinestro fires on Hal. Hal shields himself while Kilowog attacks Sinestro, but Sinestro knocks them both back within a net. However, Razer recovers and blasts Sinestro unconscious.

The crew remove Sinestro's ring and him put him in the cell with the still-unconscious Neuraxis. When a puzzled Sinestro wakes up, he admits that he has no memory of what happened. Hal says that they'll get him to Oa for treatment and the team leaves. Aya takes the Guild weapon to the hold and Razer goes with her. He flirts with her, much to Aya's surprise, complimenting her on her looks and examining her helmet. Razer tells her that he thought she would like some special attention and then takes the weapon, claiming that Hal wanted him to bring it.

Hal and Kilowog repair the bridge systems that were damaged when Sinestro open fire and discover that many of the systems are damaged. Aya comes in and tells them about Razer's behavior, and Hal figures that Razer was flirting with her. However, when she tells them that Razer took the Guild weapon, they realize that something is wrong. Hal goes down to the hold and Razer fires the weapon at him. There's a brief struggle and Hal manages to disarm Razer and knocks him out... and smiles in triumph. He then contacts Kilowog and asks him to come down to the hold.

In the cell, Sinestro notes that Neuraxis is still sleeping. He then takes out a hidden knife and pries open a panel in the wall.

When Kilowog enters the cargo hold, Hal fires the weapon on him and promises to kill his teammate.

Sinestro gets to the bridge and grabs Aya, telling her that he needs to talk. As he recovers his ring from the stasis container, he tells Aya that Neuraxis is a mind jumper.

Kilowog blocks Hal's attack as Hal rants about how he plans to kill everyone. Kilowog pins and disarms him, but Razer wakes up and attacks Kilowog, assuming he's the attacker. Hal stops them and says that Neuraxis must have the ability to transfer his mind into other bodies, taking control of them. As they wonder which of them is possessed, Hal realizes that the possessed individual never used their power ring, just the Guild weapon. He creates a construct and Razer does the same, but Kilowog hesitates and they figure that he's Neuraxis. When they attack Kilowog, Kilowog creates a construct to pin Hal to the wall, but Hal frees himself with another construct. They realize that Neuraxis is jumping bodies faster than they can test themselves so they decide to all create constructs simultaneously.

Before they can do so, Sinestro and Aya arrive and Sinestro tells the others that he's depressurizing the Interceptor. Sinestro has realized that Neuraxis took over the Guild captain, forced him to blow up his own ship, and then jumped back to his own body. To stop Neuraxis from picking them off one by one, Sinestro proposes that they will depressurize the entire ship except for the cell. Each Lantern will protect himself with his ring and Aya doesn't need oxygen. Since she's immune to possession, Neuraxis will have no choice but to return to his own body. First Sinestro, and then Kilowog and Hal, created protective shields. Razer starts choking and Aya insists that they have to repressurize the ship. Sinestro refuses and Hal gives the possessed Razer his word that Neuraxis will be unharmed if he returns to his cell. Neuraxis finally leaves Razer's body and the Red Lantern protects himself.

Sinestro goes to check on Neuraxis, which is choking in its cell. The Green Lantern kneels down and admits that he didn't pressurize the cell after all, and figures that Neuraxis can't leap into another body if it's dying.

The others make sure that Razer is okay and then go to the cell. Sinestro claims that he forgot to repair the ventilation system when he escaped through the wall. Hal is surprised that Sinestro broke the Green Lantern oath and took a life, but Sinestro says that he simply failed to save Neuraxis in time.

Once the crew finishes repairing the Interceptor, they head for Oa. Aya checks Razer's medical condition and assures him that he's okay. He wonders if he did anything strange while he was possessed, and Aya says that she should have known he was possessed because he was interested in her.

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