Green Lantern: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 18

Prisoner of Sinestro

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Jan 19, 2013 on Cartoon Network



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    • Kilowog: He's an undisciplined hothead who bends the rules to whatever he needs them to be that day.
      Hal: Like I said, awesome. And taught me loads of useful tricks.
      Kilowog: That's part of your problem.

    • Kilowog: Neuraxis is on the most wanted list, but there's almost no info. What gives?
      Hal: Maybe it escaped from the buffet at the last Guardian formal dinner and they want payback.

    • Kilowog: Maybe he's got the Valvain flu or something. I heard it can cause mild hallucinations, you know?
      Hal: He tried to kill us.
      Kilowog: So it's a bad case.

    • Razer: Plus, you look really great today.
      Aya: I--I assembled myself the same way I always do. Although I am experimenting with a new teflonian exterior glaze.

    • Aya : Green Lanterns, I just had the strangest encounter with Razer.
      Hal: Strange in what way?
      Aya: He was very... friendly.
      Hal: Oh... um, that's nothing to be worried or ashamed of. You see, Aya, some carbon-based life-forms have these things called "hormones"...

    • Aya: Razer, what is your status?
      Razer: I'll live. But I feel how Kilowog looks.
      Kilowog: Always with the smart mouth.

    • Hal: Thal... the Green Lantern code.
      Sinestro: I didn't kill him, Jordan. I simply didn't save him... in time.

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