Green Lantern: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 25


Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Mar 09, 2013 on Cartoon Network
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In an attempt to stop Aya, Hal, Kilowog, and Razer attempt to recover the Anti-Monitor's decapitated head and take control of its body.

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    Were down to the final innings in the game and it's not looking good for the home team. This is part five in the manhunter saga. Not a whole lot I can say, it's more of a straght foward actioner but with a big developement.

    I like there are little moments of charcters, one moment with Razor was when Kilawog said one wrong thing and it almost pushed Razor to the edge but then Razor uses some calming meditation technique. This moment not just showed the tool Hal and Killawog needed to pass the Manhunters but I can't help but feel it was hinting at Razor going back to the darkside if Aya is killed, knowing Razor I don't doubt it could happen. I even like that suspenseful scene when Hal, Kilawog, and Razor had to pass the Manhunter blockade by blocking their emotions, it's kinda reminicent of the scene in the movie "The Birds" where the charcters had to walk very slowly and calmly from a gauntlet of birds. And then they almost don't make it when Razor hears one of the Manhunters talk in Aya's voice, Razors emotional state kicks in. It's understandable this would happen, Razor misses Aya and wants her back. But afterward Manhunters gun for them in a decent chase scene, I liked it when the planet provided obsticles toward the manhunters at the right moments.

    I did like that concept of seeing the Master Manhunter head inhabit a cybornetic planet and become an entire planet, sort of like Unicron from "Transformers the Movie". It was cool how the planet has the ability to build and rebuild it's structure at will. There was one moment when the Master Manhunters asked all three for their protection, just like how all three felt mainly Razor that rubbed me the wrong way; thats like asking them the protect Skynet from "The Terminator".

    The only problem with the episode was both Aya and the Master Manhunter didn't have a real final battle together. It would of been cool seeing both go back and forth, the Master Manhunter unleashing all the features of that automation planet against Aya and Aya counterattacking it. I just thought it was a lost opportunity that this didn't happen.

    But of course we see Aya dispatch the Master Manhunter despite it trying to strike a bargin with Aya. And she gets the device to time travel back and destroy all life. What Razor says is a little heartsinking, because he was the one that held hope the hardest in saving Aya. Now he's just about ran out of hope and realizes the final option could be inevitable.moreless
  • Aya's existence

    My thought about Aya is if she is successful going back in time, I wounder if she becomes the entity that dwells in the Green Lantern central battery, as the Scarred Guardian explained in the previous episode.

    Maybe we are going to see how the Green Lantern core and the Guardians how it came to be, in the early stage of the universe some time in the future episodes.

Diedrich Bader

Diedrich Bader

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Tom Kenny

The Anti-Monitor/Chaselon

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Brian George

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