Green Lantern: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 25


Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Mar 09, 2013 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

As Hal, Kilowog, and Razer drift in space after Aya's destruction of the Interceptor, Hal receives an unusual signal on his power ring but can't identify it. Kilowog points ouit that they can't trace it without the AI that is now determined to wipe out all life in the universe, and Razer insists that the enemy they're facing isn't the real Aya. He starts to lose his temper but uses a meditation technique that Saint Walker taught him to regain control.

Appa contacts Hal, who apologizes for not responding until now. The Guardian, puzzled, says that it's the first time he's tried to contact Hal recently and tells them that the Interceptor is needed for a mission. Hal explains what happened and Appa tells them that an army of Manhunters is attacking the planet Ranz, a seemingly abandoned world. He tells them to stop Aya from getting whatever it is that Aya is trying to obtain from the planet and signs off.

At Ranx, Guy Gardner fields an army of Green Lanterns to attack the Manhunters as they bombard the planetary force field. The Manhunters easily drive them back, detecting and targeting their emotions, and then return to breaking through the force field. Hal and the others arrive as Guy meets with his squadron leaders. Guy informs Hal that he's now a member of the Honor Guard and that another Green Lantern, John Stewart, has been appointed the Green Lantern of Earth.

Hal tells Guy about the signal that he's been receiving, pointing out that it is originating from Ranx. Guy isn't interested given the current crisis, noting that Ranx has been unihabited for a thousand years. When Hal tries to go on ahead and investigate, Guy orders him to join forces with the other Lanterns and be ready to attack in a half hour. Hal starts to lose his temper but Kilowog pulls him away and promises Guy that they'll be ready.

Once they're alone, Hal insists that the Manhunters will simply sense their emotions and drive them back again. Razer suggests that he use the meditation technique to calm all of their emotions so that they can become "invisible" to the Manhunters. Hal and Kilowog agree and Razer takes them through the enemy lines while Guy and the other Lanterns open fire. The Manhunters return fire but don't "see" Hal and the others... until Razer notices one of them speaking with Aya's voice. He loses his control and the Manhunters see them and open fire. The trio heads for the force field and Hal tells the others to keep going no matter what. Someone on the planet opens the force field momentarily, letting the three Lanterns and a squad of Manhunters through. Automated weaponry on the planet opens fire, targeting the Manhunters, while Hal follows the signal to his ring.

In orbit, the Manhunters finally drive the Green Lanterns off. Chaselon drags Guy away when he refuses to leave, and they realize that Hal and the others penetrated the shield.

An opening in the metal-covered surface of Ranx opens and Hal, Kilowog, and Razer duck into it and briefly out of sight of the Manhunters. However, the androids double back and chase them through the tunnels. The three Lanterns make a last stand but their mysterious host blasts the Manhunters apart and the opens a door in passageways floor. Hal and the others descend and find themselves sealed in as the ceiling closes in on them. They try to hold it back without success and Hal finally tells his teammates to surrender. As the ceiling starts to crush them, Hal yells that they've come in response to the signal and clearly their host wants them there.

The ceiling returns to its original position and a door opens in the wall. Beyond is a huge chamber containing... the head of the Anti-Monitor. Furious at its role in Aya's corruption, Razer prepares to destroy it but the Anti-Monitor warns that its power is the only thing holding the Manhunters at bay. It wasn't trying to kill them but only destroying the Manhunters on their trail.The entity then explains that after Aya tore its head off and claimed its body, it drifted through space until it crashed on Ranz. There it was able to incorporate it into the city's automatic systems and repower itself.

Hal wonders why Aya is invading Ranx and the Anti-Monitor explains that the Manhunters have come for it. It was created to travel back to the beginning of creation and has a time displacement unit. Aya has come to the same conclusion and wants the unit so that she can travel back into time and recreate the universe without any life forms.

Guy and his army combine their ring energy into cannons capable of blasting through the planet's shields.

The Anti-Monitor demands that Hal and the others protect it, reminding them that it is a sentient life form that they've sworn to protect. Hal reluctantly admits that they have to join forces with one enemy to defeat the stronger one.

The Green Lanterns open fire, destroying some of the Manhunters. However, Aya flies in and Guy orders his troops to fire on her. She easily withstands the combined firepower and blasts her opponents away. She then lands on the force field, blasts it apart with an energy discharge, and then smashes down through the surface into the Anti-Monitor's chamber. The three Lanterns prepare to fight but she imprisons them in a stasis field and dismisses them as corrupted by their emotions. The Anti-Monitor agrees with her assessment and offers an alliance, but Aya simply rips the head apart and removes the time displacement unit.

Razer tries to get through to Aya, reminding her that her stopped him from blaming himself for thousands of deaths. The AI dismisses him as inconsequential, insisting that he has no idea what she can do. She sees no pointing in killing them since they will soon cease to exist... along with all other life forms in the universe. She flies away and Razer realizes that their only remaining option is to destroy her.