Green Lantern: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 15


Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Oct 06, 2012 on Cartoon Network
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    Saturday Animation Round-up: Young Justice, TMNT, Green Lantern, and The Clone Wars

    Welcome to Week 2 of our new Saturday animation round-up!

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    When the Anti-Monitor makes his presence known, Hal turns to Kilowog and Aya for assistance.

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    • 1x15 - Ask forginess later

      Oh, my god, I laughed so hard during this episode. Hal getting beat up by the squirrel GL recruit until he's trying to tap out in Spanish saying 'No mas!' really made me dissolve into a puddle of giggles. Seeing Kilowog in drill sergeant mode was great.

      The only thing which threw me out of my giggles was seeing Aya about to be dissected, but that's mostly because I was worried for her. Then the whole sneaky rescue reduced me to giggles again but then I felt bad for the new ship AI. Aw.

      Awesome episode, I'm really looking forward to the next one.moreless
    Jeff Bennett

    Jeff Bennett


    Guest Star

    Sarah Douglas

    Sarah Douglas

    Science Director

    Guest Star

    Tom Kenny

    Tom Kenny

    The Anti-Monitor

    Guest Star

    Brian George

    Brian George

    Appa Ali Apsa

    Recurring Role

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      • Hal: It's an honor, Tomar. Can I call you Tomar?
        Tomar-Re: I prefer Tomar-Re
        Hal: Of course you do.

      • Hal: Look, my gut tells me that there's an outside force orchestrating this. We need to assemble as many GLs as we can and find the puppet master. Tomar-Re will back me up.
        Tomar-Re: I hate to disagree with Hal Jordan's digestive juices, but I have found no controlling signal.

      • Kilowog: Okay, I'll get my gear and wait you on the Interceptor.
        Hal: But I lost the bet.
        Kilowog: I was going to go with you anyway.I just wanted to see you fight the squirrel. Ah, poozer.

      • Hal: Say, I've always wondered, how do you beings keep your facets so shiny?
        Chaselon: You think? Mom always said I'm the dullest.

      • Anti-Monitor: Alone I have conquered an entire universe and reduced trillions of planets to anti-matter, feasting on each one by one. But still, I hunger.

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