Green Lantern: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Apr 14, 2012 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Hal, Kilowog, and Razer have spent the last several days secretly parked near the Red Lantern's floating homeworld, Shard. They have determined when the regularly scheduled garbage dump occurs, but Razer is unimpressed. Hal insists that they have to remain in hiding so that Atrocitus doesn't realize that they died when Colony 12 was destroyed. Razer says that if they really want to stop Atrocitus then they should be willing to die for the cause. As his ring fades, Razer admits that he will soon be useless and leaves.

Razer goes to the engine room and checks a control panel, and then flies out. Aya flies out after him and says that he should return to the ship since he's technically a prisoner, and she doesn't want the others to misunderstand his actions since he isn't evil. Razer says that she doesn't know him at all and that she can't warn the others because they're going to busy saving the ship. One of the engines explode and Aya flies back to find Hal and Kilowog trying to get the situation under control. She informs them that the ship's system are nominal and they're quickly able to reset the power breakers. The ship's AI tells the others that Razer sabotaged the engines as a distraction so that he could go after Atrocitus.

Razer flies to Shard and finds his fellow Red Lanterns waiting for him. They believed that he had heroically sacrificed himself on Colony 12 and are surprised to see him alive, and he tells them that he soon will be a hero. He goes to the central power battery while his comrades contact Atrocitus and inform their master that Razer has returned. Atrocitus tells Zilius Zox to prepare a proper welcome.

Razer finishes recharging his ring and goes to Atrocitus' chamber. He claims that the Green Lanterns captured him and that he has spent his time with them learning his secrets, and then blew up their ship. Atrocitus seemingly buys his story, but once he turns his back, Razer tries to stab him with a ring-created sword. The construct fades out immediately and Atrocitus explains that he only let him Razer think that he was recharging. He then demands to know what Razer has really been doing.

As they finish repairing their systems, Kilowog insists that Razer tried to betray them, but both Hal and Aya point out that he could easily have killed them if he wanted to. The figure that he went to kill Atrocitus and the three of them leave the ship and use an asteroid as cover to approach Shard.

Atrocitus uses his personal power battery to interrogate the captive Razer, demanding to know what the Green Lanterns are doing.

The automatic meteor deflection weaponry opens fire, destroying the rock that the Green Lanterns are using. They abandon it just in time and sneak in through the waste disposal chute.

Razer feigns weakness and offers to give in. However, when Zilius approaches him the young Red Lantern spits in his face. Atrocitus delivers a single vicious blow and then, realizing that Razer will never break, tells Zilius to prepare his execution as an example to the others.

The trio enters the capital city and Aya breaks down into her component parts so that she can enter the power reactor command center. Hal and Kilowog knock out two guards and take their armor, but are forced to duck into a shrine when other guards come by. As Kilowog struggles to get on his costume, Hal talks to Cleric Loran, who mistakes him for a guard. Loran tells Hal the holy story of how the Guardians came to Ysmault, the capital world of its planet, and demanded worship. When they didn't receive it, they unleashed their Manhunters to destroy the world. Atrocitus survived and swore vengeance on the Guardians. More soldiers arrive and Kilowog stumbles out of the closet where he's trying to change. Hal tells his teammate to trust him and then knocks him out.

As Razer awaits execution, Atrocitus tells him that anyone who strays from his righteous path will suffer death. The disguised Hal comes in with Kilowog and explains that he brought him to be executed. Atrocitus tells him to dispose of the Green Lantern as Zilius executes Razer. Kilowog winks at Razer and Hal tells Aya to act. She infects the power system with a virus, filling the main chamber with steam. Hal frees his friends and Razer complains that they're interfering with his plan. However, Hal insists that they're getting him out.

Atrocitus easily disperses the steam and attacks the Green Lanterns, who hold him and Zilius off so that Razer can recharge from Atrocitus' power battery. The Green Lanterns subdue their enemies temporary but soldiers burst in, forcing the trio to retreat. When Razer prepares to plunge back into battle, Hal asks him to stay alive because they need him. Aya shuts down the automated security systems and summons the interceptor, but tells Hal that she needs to download a high-security file that she's discovered. However, as she completes her work, Atrocitus arrives and captures her.

Zilius and the soldiers chase after Hal and the others as they head for the interceptor. When Kilowog tries to hold them back, one of the stronger Red Lanterns beats him down. Hal returns and smashes the Red Lantern away, but is unable to contact Aya. Atrocitus projects a giant image revealing that he has captured Aya. He tells the Green Lanterns that if they want her back then they should come to Battery Square. Razer warns them that it's a trap and tells Hal to take Kilowog to the intercept while he goes to rescue the AI. Hal refuses to abandon him but Razer says that just as Hal asked him to trust him, Hal should trust Razer now. Hal agrees but tells his teammate not to let him down.

When Razer returns to Battery Square, Atrocitus tosses the crushed Aya to him and then opens his attack. As they fight, he admits that he had hoped Razer would carry on his legacy of hate.

Robot drones chase Hal back to the interceptor. Once he and Kilowog are on board, they fly back to get Razer.

As Razer and Atrocitus fight, Razer insists that he owes nothing to his former master. An amused Atrocitus tells him that he was the one who conquered Razer's homeworld, turning the warlords against each other and spreading chaos. When he realized that Razer needed only one more nudge to bring out his hatred, he killed Elana himself. Furious, Razer hits Atrocitus with everything he has, smashing him down. However, as he prepares to kill Atrocitus, Aya says that she's unable to move and that Razer needs to get her back to the interceptor with the computer file that she downloaded. Razer dismisses her concerns, telling her to make her own way back, but she warns him that they'll all die if they don't get back. Razer hesitates and then picks up Aya and flies to the waiting interceptor.

Later, Aya informs Hal that her repairs will take some time. Hal then condemns Razer for putting them all in danger, since he revealed to Atrocitus that they're alive. Aya shows them the files that she downloaded, revealing hundreds of warships.

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