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  • Why Must the Good Die Young?

    Just when I was really getting into this series, is when I find out that it's being canceled. Sigh, I wish Cartoon Network would learn; didn't we go through something similar with the Teen Titans? Anyway, since it premiered I had actually been tuning in on most Saturdays to see each new episode - even though my understanding was a little confusing from missing several episodes, my interest grew and I just had to watch more, from the beginning (thank you internet): and then I was hooked.

    Personally, it seems like they are also trying to market this show not only to older audiences but also to females - as shown by all of the blossoming romance. It certainly helped me get into it. That's quite smart of them, there is much power in the fangirl population. ;)

    I also liked the plot design - it was simple, and yet kept you yearning for more and somehow always found a continuation. (Reminds me of Death Note in a way - the plot design that is - but less complicated) The problem with constantly twisting plots and stories is that (I have a short attention span, and a tendency to miss showings) it confuses me (unless I'm Very into it) and I lose interest; that's actually what happened to me with Young Justice. So I was actually grateful for this simple, yet exciting plot.

    It's such a shame to see this show go. The only hope I have is that Cartoon Network somehow sees that This is what the fans want and will bring it back. (I Hope You're Reading This Cartoon Network Fan-Information Gatherers!)

    But at the very least, I hope the show goes out with a Bang, a spectacular ending to a spectacular series (can't wait to get the dvd).