Green Lantern: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 24


Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Mar 02, 2013 on Cartoon Network
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With time running out for the universe, Hal and the others gather the yellow crystals to use as a weapon against Aya.

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  • Bad Tactics

    This to me is part four of the Manhunter arc, theres not much to say except by it's nature it more of a setter for what wil come in the final chapter.

    We get a glimpse of the scared guardian and from what she says it's obvious she's borderline insane. However we also get into the origin of Aya, and despite what the scarred guardian said to them about Aya being out of control at that time. Aya was in perfect control she did nothing wrong except be human. You can tell from the scarred guardian has a weakness, she's obviously ego centric

    and can't stand the fact one knows more than her. She proposes an untrustworthy plan the use the yellow lanturn energy which we know can work both ways, unfortunately they don't know that.

    Razor doesn't trust her nor do I, and what happens next justifies why. I really like it when Razor comes out to talk to Aya. And it looks as though Aya has calmed down a bit and for a moment it really looked like Razor was close to bringing her back and telling her the complete truth about his feelings for her.

    So, it looked like the missle might not be needed but of course we see the scared guardian she gets impatiant and executes the action thoughtlessly and the missle blows toward both of them. Hal and Kilawog learn the hard way the Scared Guardian decieved them on the real intentions of the scam.

    And we see she proclams herself as a true guardian, but she's no guardian she didn't do that act for selfless reasons she did it all to preserve her ego and destroying Aya just boosts it. But she then says something about Razor in the line of fire, this once again is proof that she's no hero, if you don't care about the life of one then your incapable of valuing all life. And I like that moment when Killawog snapped from that comment she made, I don't blame him atempting to kill my favorate character was the last straw for me. We of course see the scarred guaridan then use her mind powers on both Killawog and Hal, and from what she says and how she says it which is over agressive and some things she says make no sense, it justifies she's fraking crazy. But then we see the missile didn't work as Aya was able to absorb the yellow energy and then she makes her move and punches the ship which does damage. Of course the Scarred Guardian she excapes so it won't be the last we see of her but hopefully if she comes back it will either be in a body bag or and iso cube.

    I still feel there is hope Aya can still be saved, once again Aya didn't kill Razor in fact she saved his life once more from the yellow energy. So she still loves Razor but doesn't want to let herself feel it.

    In the end, Hal has bought them more time and days, but unfortunately their on their final days because time is running out for Aya and the Universe.moreless
Sarah Douglas

Sarah Douglas

Science Director

Guest Star

Susan Blakeslee

Susan Blakeslee


Recurring Role

Brian George

Brian George

Appa Ali Apsa

Recurring Role

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    • Razer: Then it's hopeless.
      Hal: Not necessarily. This isn't the first time the Guardians have kicked me off of an assignment. Right, Kilowog?
      Kilowog: Oh boy.

    • Kilowog: How do I let you talk me into these things, Jordan?
      Hal: Because I'm the best and brightest recruit you've ever had.
      Kilowog: Evidently the most delusional.

    • Hal: This isn't exactly what it looks like.
      Sayd: It looks like you've broken into a Guardians personal living space and discovered a hidden inner sanctum.
      Hal: Then I guess that's exactly what it looks like.

    • Kilowog: Lame-o, you're supposed to warn us about hostiles!
      Lanos: Previously you asked me to "shut up." I successfully executed your orders.

    • Lanos: Warning. Hostiles now devouring my tail. This is contrary to normal operating procedures.

    • Razer: How could you know that they would burn off in the atmosphere?
      Hal: Instinct, Razer, pure instinct.
      Kilowog: Which means he had no clue at all.
      Hal: None whatsoever.

    • Science Director: You delude yourself. I am a Guardian. I am the heir to power the likes of which you cannot fathom. You are a brief candle, a wee mortal. You know nothing.

  • NOTES (1)

    • When Hal, Razer, and Kilowog are searching the Science Director's quarters, Hal moves a black book that has a symbol on it. The symbol is the symbol of the Black Lantern Corps from the comics.