Green Lantern: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 16

Steam Lantern

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Jan 05, 2013 on Cartoon Network

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  • Steam Punk

    I'm probably going to be in the minority on this, I know I am but I think this episode is a bit underrated. I really like this episode because it's something different, it feels like a "Doctor Who" adventure since

    it deals with Hal going into an alternate universe.

    I really like the Steam Punk world Hal's come too, it's a world that is both old fashioned but futuristic at the same time. I think what makes Steam Punk world facinating is just on the possibility on what if they somehow took the technology and principles of steam even further than before. I can't help but wonder if were going to have something on VR technology next, that would be cool.

    Anyway I do like the alternate version of Green Lantern and the design of his suit he's sort of like "The Rocketeer". He has the same light power as Hal, despite the fact he can't manipulte the light with his mind like Hal, though it makes sense since what he has is the older model of the ring. Steam Lanturn Gill he's likeable , he's a man with a good heart even though he's unsure of himself a bit. I really like his significant other/side kick Lady Catherine whom is sort of an alternate version of Carol Feris; well at least she looks like it and her persona is slightly similar. But I like how feisty and saucy she is and she's useful at certain points. I like the back and forth Hal has with Gill it's sort of a dynamic on both old fashioned and current methodology.

    Duke Nigel is good, what's interesting about him is that he's not really a villian just a man whose head's in the wrong place. Nigel is really a selfless person he want the best for the world and he thinks that the decisions he made and what he's done is right, but he can't see the corrupt nature of his actions.

    There were two really great moments, when Nigel makes Gill tell the truth about who saved the planet. Gill does do the right thing and the people don't hate him they want him to keep his title as hero because they know he's not a fraud. Gill really isn't, by telling the truth it showed that he never became a hero for glory or ego but that he really was out of selflessness to protect the people and the one he loves Catherine. It's understandable why he kept the truth because he did want to destroy their sense of hope.

    Then it comes to a profound moment when Nigel finally sees the truth of his selfless pursuit has became selfish ambition. The robots he created have made people more fearful than safe. Also

    Nigel realized the deal he made with Attrocidus to spare their planet by putting him in another universe, which was understandable and I forgive him because logically Nigel couldn't do battle with Atrocidus despite how smart he is unfortunately the technology they have just isn't powerful or advanced enough. But anyway Attrocidus didn't keep good faith on the deal anyway as we see he's drain most to all of the energy from their sun, and if you know your science without the sun their planet will freeze to death. I really like that moment when Nigel feels guilt, not just the fact the planet he wanted to save is doomed but that he doomed another universe and the countless lives it held. But he redeems himself by helping Hal, Gill, and Catherine save the planet, that moment he officaly gained the title hero.

    The action is good as usual, even if it's not exactly wall to wall. I liked it when Gill and Hal were beating the crap out of some giant steam powered robots. That one moment when the airship was on fire and Lady Catherine was in trouble, Hal turns the light power into a giant fire extinguisher. As well as in the last moment when Hal saves the Steam Planet by bring it into our universe litterally, wow.

    The ending gave me a good feeling and we see that Gill, Lady Cahterine, and Nigel have became friends are will work together from now on. I feel that last part just shows it's better to make alies and friends than enimies.

  • On Hiatus.....AGAIN?!?!?!

    Just checked my other resources and come to find out that the new episodes of both GL and Young Justice that were supposed to air today, can be viewed on iTunes, but CN put them on hiatus until January 2013. What gives?!?! You put them on hiatus all Summer, then bring them back for two weeks, and then put them on hiatus again?!?! This is such BS!!! Sorry if I am coming off harsh, but I am completely steamed right now!!! And believe me, steamed is an understatement!!!
  • Really?

    Has this really been aired?
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