Green Legend Ran

(ended 1992)


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Green Legend Ran

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Sometime in Earth's future, giant monoliths that come to be known as Rodo fall from space and turn the earth into a vast desert, devoid of greenery and water save for a patch of forest known as the Holy Green near each of the monument-like Rodo. After generations of living in this harsh world, many humans have become Rodoists, joining a cult that serves the Rodo. Another organization, the rebel terrorist group Hazard, has devoted itself to fighting against the tyrannical rule of the Rodoists. Somewhere in between are what is left of the Earth's population, scraping out a living in the desert. One of the people in between is Ran, a daring boy who aspires to join Hazard, but is also searching for a man with a scar on his chest. One day, Ran runs into a gunfight between the Rodoists and Hazard, and has a chance encounter with a silver-haired girl trying to care for a dying Rodoist soldier. The surviving rebel is saved by Ran's grandfather, and Ran is determined to follow him and join Hazard. Ran eventually makes it to the Hazard base, and finds that the girl he met earlier, Aira, is helping Hazard. The two of them get along well, but when they travel to one of the few remaining live wells that the Rodoists have left untouched and the patch of greenery surrounding it, Aira has a bizarre vision calling her back to her place of birth. Shortly afterward, Hazard's mobile base, a huge sand ship called the Red Centipede, appears in the base to take a very unwilling Aira away. Ran attempts to save her, but succeeds only in discovering that the man with the scar on his chest is on the ship. Determined to follow, Ran steals a hovercraft and desert-suit and heads out in pursuit. Unfortunately, Ran isn't the luckiest lad, and ends up stranded in the desert miles from civilization, dying of thirst and without transportation. He isn't completely luckless, though, and is saved by a traveling group of food-and-water merchants. As it turns out, this group of merchants is currently chasing down the very ship Ran was trying to find; the merchant captain, a man named Jeke, was the co-founder of Hazard, and is trying to talk the current leader out of starting an all-out war with the Rodoists. Ran now has to decide whether he is more interested in getting revenge on the man with the scar or rescuing Aira from whatever it is Hazard has in store for her. And what exactly is it that makes her so special?moreless