Green Wing

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Friday 9:30 PM Oct 29, 2004 on Channel 4
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It's Mac's last day and Sue and Caroline are struggling to cope with the thought of losing him. While Sue offers to kill in order to keep Mac in the hospital, Caroline spends most of the day trying to find fault with Sheffield in order to deter him from leaving. Meanwhile Martin finds himself in a tricky situation when he reads a personal letter of Guy's and discovers that not only is Guy adopted, but that his real mother was called Joanna Peerson – the surname of whom also happened to be the maiden name of Joanna Clore. Unaware that his mother and work colleague are one of the same, Guy has no qualms in taking up one of Mac's bets to prove his prowess with the ladies by bedding an older woman of Mac's choice – Joanna. When Martin later discovers his half-brother's intentions he rushes over to stop it – which ends in a botox stabbing, staff on the run from the police in an ambulance and a major cliff-hanger – literally.moreless

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      • Joanna: (while throwing toothpicks at Alan's head) Oh please. Do you really think some starving kid in upper Zulu land is gunna be cheered up by a humourless letter from a foreign radiologist with a shitty haircut who's only found God because no one else will have him?
        Alan: I hear your words but I turn the other cheek!

      • (in ambulance on run from police)
        Mac: (on phone to police) He had sex with his mother.
        Guy: Don't tell them that.
        Mac: Why not?
        Guy: Jesus what's wrong with you?
        Mac: Why not, it's not a crime! (listening to voice on phone) Oh, it is. Wow. (to Guy) Apparently you can get up to 7 years.
        Guy: This is you trying to talk someone out of a suicidal depression is it?
        Mac: I'm just giving them mitigating circumstances for joyriding.
        Guy: Joyriding! Do I look like I'm joyous?!
        Mac: Fine, fine, fine, I'll check out the penalties for misery-riding.

    • NOTES (2)

      • The staffs' relationships take a major turn in the last episode of the series - Martin asks out Karen, Caroline and Mac finally get it together and Joanna manages to lure Statham away from Jesus.

      • The final episode of the first series drew 1.6m viewers.

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Guy and Joanna: N/A
        The scene in Guy's car where he is driving whilst an overeager (and probably quite drunk) Joanna sticks her tongue down his ear is reminiscent of the music video to 'Here I Go Again' by Whitesnake. Whether this is intentional or not is open to debate, but it's possible that Guy may well keep the odd album next to his Queen collection.

      • Guy: Well, I'm Butch- that's 'Butch' Cassidy, and you're the Sundance Kid... 'Oh, look at me, dancing in the sun, like a big kid!'
        During one of Guy's many attempts at one-up-manship over Mac, he describes himself as the Butch Cassidy to Mac's Sundance Kid. Mac, of course, points out that the Sundance Kid was the better gun slinger... but check out their re-enactment of the film's final scene armed with a squash racket and a table-tennis bat!

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