Green Wing

Season 2 Episode 5

Episode 5 - Season 2

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Apr 28, 2006 on Channel 4
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Episode 5 - Season 2
Dr. Statham enters politics but requires a voice coach and the use of a car with two loudhailers! Martin inadvertently becomes a pimp. Mac and Caroline get a little closer but Holly sticks her oar in with a little ginger surprise for Mac. Harriet and Lyndon manage to have a date despite Joanna's best attempts to sidetrack her with work. Guy is not exactly the best flatmate but is he there at the right time for Caroline?moreless

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  • Moments for all shippers (as well as for those on the fence), craziness, hilarity and slight "horror" all in one episode.

    This episode made me bolt up from my chair and yell "OH MY GOD!!!"... and then my knees went weak so I had to sit down again.

    Absolutely. Amazing. I thought episode 4 was the best episode ever ever ever... but episode 5 made me eat my words and now I (being wiser) will say that episode 5 is the best episode until maybe episode 6.

    Filled with funny moments like us discovering Dr. Statham's full name, Alan Roderick Statham (or, if you prefer, ARS) and Caroline insisting that she breaks into farms and rescues pigs (at first just to show Holly up, though it goes horribly wrong after that when she spins it more and more).

    The sudden appearance of the "proper kiss" just demonstrates the brilliance of the show, and how it can still surprise the viewer. Everyone can predict that Mac and Caroline would be getting it together, but I certainly didn't expect it like THAT!

    Although it was also predicted that Holly's surprise would be a mini-Mac, it was still somewhat shocking and horrifying and upsetting to see it unfold. Such things (i.e. appearance of "longlost" kid) might sound cliché, but the fact that it never feels so in Green Wing just shows you how great everything's been written to come together.moreless
  • Near Perfection - Back on Top

    After wavering slightly in the second series, it's great to see the 'tangled web' syndrome which made series one so watchable return. Mac has a son, Caroline and Guy, Lyndon and Harriet find themselves in romantic situations and finally, a great double act from Statham and Boyce. Holly has made a great addition, much better than Angela ever was and Martin, Sue and Joanna are their usual selves. The entire series has stepped up a gear from last week and finally I am once again hooked to Green Wing. Everyone has upped their game, including the writers and the show is once again a joy, as it should be. Long Live Green Wing.moreless
  • Caroline has to adjust to her new roommate and Martin becomes a pimp.

    I've recently been introduced to the concept of Shipping. For those of you not familiar with this idea, basically it is the concept of fan desire to see two characters in a piece of fiction get together, eg. Ron/ Hermione in Harry Potter. The reason I mention this, is because apparently Green Wing has its very own form of Shippers in the form of the Caramacs (their name not mine!) who have been hoping nay praying for Caroline and Mac to finally get it together. But there is also a second school - whose name I don't know - who wish for Caroline to get with Dr. Secretan.

    Which ever side you happen to take, you can't help but have been jumping for joy this week. Finally we got The Kiss. After weeks of comas, memory loss, misunderstandings and general interruptions Caroline and Mac finally succumbed to their desires, only for it all to come crushing down in a masterful plot twist. To quote the ever sardonic Mac, "Who'd have thought the Ginger floor mop would have a son."

    This was a beautifully thought out piece of plotting, that only really suffered due to some moments being too drawn out. However, the comedy was for the most part superb and Tamsin Grieg's performance when she was caught at Mac's flat wearing very little showed why she is one of the best comic actresses in this country.

    The other plotlines of this week were also masterfully handled. After saying he was slightly redundant last week, I have to confess that Martin's role as a pimp was brilliant- in particular the pay-off at the end of the episode. The repeated Pig joke was also very well done and again demonstrated the strength of writing and performance in the show. In fact, the only real low point was Statham's attempts at running for government which did get a little tedious towards the end.

    And speaking of the end, what a way to finish the show, one which leaves me wondering if Mac and Caroline will ever be happy and more importantly if the smug look will ever be wiped of Guy's face.moreless
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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • After Karen dumps Martin, he and Mac start walking and Martin's hands are both empty and hanging down at his sides. A person passes in front of the camera and afterwards Martin suddenly has a coffee cup in his left hand.

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    • When Caroline turns up at Mac's flat to seduce him she is wearing a teddy, and then, due to the circumstances, must pretend it's a real dress and leave the flat in a hurry. This is very similar to an incident in "Friends", where Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) wears a similar piece of clothing in an attempt to seduce her boyfriend Joshua (Tate Donovan), and his parents show up. Except in this case, Mac's ex and her son turn up.

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