Green Wing

Season 2 Episode 8

Episode 8 - Season 2

Aired Friday 9:30 PM May 19, 2006 on Channel 4
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Episode 8 - Season 2
Demented dwarf killers Joanna and Dr Statham are amazed that they seem to have got away with their hideous crime so consider themselves above the law. Caroline gets no fewer than three proposals. Sue gives birth to an infant with a mane just as impressive as Mac's. Mac gets some bad news while Martin (and we the viewer) ends up with a strange sense of déjà vu in the season's cliff-hanger ending.moreless

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  • Where do they go from here?

    I remember thinking, way, way back I were but a wee lad (alright about this time last year) when I was watching three doctors teetering of a cliff edge in a stolen ambulance, 'how on earth can they top that?' The answer it appears is repeat it with different characters- almost.

    However, let this review not be back to front, let us start at the beginning for, as Julie Andrews said, it is a very good place to start. I was hoping for a lot at the start of this episode partly because last week had been a little poor and partly because it was the last in the series - and at present the last ever episode (although I'm sure that won't be the case!) Unfortunately I don't know if it fully delivered. The three proposals skit was very funny if a little obvious, however, of the three potential Mr. Caroline Todd's it was the normally reliable Mac who seemed to be out of character- in fact he was almost acting like an early version of Guy. As such when it came to the fantastic scene at the train station- as a viewer I was routing for Caroline and Guy to get together.

    Which leaves me with a problem: I've spent the whole season as a 'Caramac' to use the shipper term that now being coerced into changing alleigences makes me feel somewhat cheated. To undo a story that has been building for two seasons in 5 minutes, seems wrong somehow. Hopefully the next season will either develop the Guy/ Caroline thing or once again twist the plot on its head so that the storyline so far has been worthwhile. Of course, the fact that Mac has seemly been handed a death sentence (another superb scene) might add a nice dimension to the proceedings.

    But, let us not forget the other stories of the week. Statham and Joanna's escape from the hospital was excellent and the scene with Boyce and the misinterpreted instructions was the second funniest moment of the episode- the funniest by far and away being Sue White's rendition of The Circle of Life to her wee beastie of a bairn. Michelle Gomez has been an absolute joy this series and I hope that the character- along with all the others - will be back for more. Which brings us nicely on to the brilliant office scenes depicting the confusion that one of the number was missing. Is this the end of Karen? Who knows?

    Speaking of ends, this review has nearly reached one, but first, mention must be made of the cliffhanger. Yes, it was a repeat of last year. Yes, the irony of Martin experiencing deja vu was not lost on me, and yes, it did feel a little bit of a cheat, but quite frankly I don't care because it was funny and oddly brought a sense of closure to the show, as if despite the comings and goings, th trials and tribulations and the tangled lives, somewhere there will always be a van teetering on a cliff edge.

    Thank you Green Wing. Please come back soon.moreless
  • This one really did seem a bit like a repeat ;)

    Sometimes, I'm just amazed at the writers of this hit sketch show meets soap drama hospital program! Where else on t.v. have we ever seen the same wit, humour, irony and subtle manipulation???

    I never would have dreamed that last year's finale could be repeated so absolutelly perfectly ever again, let alone on the same program one series on! I mean, they even managed a big white van (sorry, 'mobile home') and an unaware Martin in the back! Will series 3 start with an unconscious...Dr.Statham?...Joanna? a coma?

    Other than that, while I don't think this episode quite met last weeks' standards, it was very entertaining nevertheless. The whole hula hoop business was sweet (though a missed opportunity in not having Martin grab and eat the ring).

    Three marriage proposals in one day...kind of obvious that one was to be expected, and a lot of anger as Mac messed with Caroline's feelings...though, how anger can turn to absolute sympathy minutes later!!!!!!!! Are we having a season 3 without our friendly lion friend? :( Maybe that's why they replaced him with a real lion cub ;)

    Sue White was excellent in false labour, followed by her gorgeous Scottish rendition of 'circle of life'.

    One of the best by-itself-scenes was the desk full of undrunk tea cups as the office managed to forget it's very own plant worker :lol:. Also good was Harriet's 'friday afternoon' comment. And of course, every moment that involved Boyce, including Statham's failed cardboard box hoax and the motel moment....

    Caroline looked gorgeous at the classic that ending!!! Oh, and Mac, without a helmet :cry:...don't die, please don't die!!!

    Overall the episode was less Greenwingy and more soapy than normal...but it was a nice ending for season 2 :)


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