Greetings from Tucson

The WB (ended 2003)


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  • One decade later...

    This show did partially alright, but its was not perfectly complete at all and it has some disadvantages. 1) The 15-year-old character was too poorly made and the actor who played that role has a very hard time dealing with it, 2) The background family did well on their own business, but their interaction to each other had a weak combination, and 3) The bottom line of this show is that the entire chemistry is no good. If there is a rebooted version of this show, then it should get aired right after the year of 2024.
  • This show was my life! I grew up with a father alot like Julio and an uncle alot like Ernesto. I loved it and would have gone eight years with this one!

    This show was one that finally reflected my upbringing. I had to live with the Nelsons and the Brady's or even the Cosbys but finally a show about my family and how HILARIOUS! It was too much! But ofcourse it wouldn't last, that would be too easy, wouldn't it? Well, for the short time that it was on, it was just what the doctor ordered. The Tiants to give the right prescription... laughter. The best part was the realism I saw in a sitcom, the hardcore father, stuck in his traditional ways and blatanly favoring the one child. This time though I laughed.
  • A great show about the misadventures of an adolescent and his favorite freewheeling Uncle. Let alone about a headstrong Latino man married to a fun loving American wife

    I too wish this ahead of its time show was rushed off the airwaves way too quickly. No one even gave it a chance and never promoted it properly. try it again and bring it back I really think it was ahead of its time Try rerunning it you\\\'ll be surprised.
  • Deserves a dvd box set at least.

    I watched this show every week and never missed an episode. It always made me laugh out loud and I feel that it never received the recognition it deserved. David was a relatable character. He was an average teenager who went through many situations that I myself had gone through or may have been going through at the time. That fact held my interest and helped to understand and appreciate many of the jokes in the show. Also, the character Maria was just plain hilarious. I loved her evil tendancies. This show always kept you laughing and never disappointed. I know lots of people who would buy a dvd box set of this tv show.
  • Good Show!

    Bring it Back! It is a good change to the same kind of stuff that is out there now. If there was another season maybe people would have had the chance to view the show and it would have caught on . bring it back for another season and see what happens.