Greg the Bunny

Season 1 Episode 10

Blah Bawls

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Aug 04, 2002 on FOX

Episode Recap

Alison is disgusted to learn that Jack snagged a starring role in a film where he plays a multi-faceted character -- one part, conductor for a children's television show; the other, psychotic murderer of prostitutes. Seeing a conflict of interest, she refuses to let him take the part. Count Blah can't seem to get over the death of his long departed wife, Maldora. Gil fires a writer for penning a ditty called "The Trust Song," and tells the dejected man that, even though he loved the song, Alison ordered the move. It turns out that Alison loved the song and Gil was lying. Not long after, Alison begins to suspect she's being followed. Jimmy, Dottie, Warren and Greg think they should take Blah out to a pick-up bar to help him get his mind off Maldora. Blah relunctantly goes along with their plan, but really wants no part of it, and comes up with a plan of his own when he runs into Warren's wife, Maggie, who left Warren and whose friends are also trying to set her up against her will. Since Blah's friends and Maggie's friends don't know who the other one is, they both lie and say they're going home together. They end up really going home -- and to bed -- together. Feeling guilty, Blah tells Gil about it the next day, and asks how to break it to Warren, which Gil advises against. Blah would have to concur, after Warren comes to him crying with the admission that he's still madly in love with Maggie. Warren's tears soon turn to psychotic rage, and he threatens to kill whomever he finds out is sleeping with her. When Maggie drops by the set to get her cell phone from Blah, Gil tries to stop her, but Warren finds them together, and he mistakenly thinks Gil is the one she's schtupping. After Gil accidentally lets it slip who Maggie really did the deed with, she brags to Warren about how good Blah was, and threatens to sleep with everyone on the set until he signs the divorce papers. Alison really is being stalked -- by Jack. Luckily for her, too, since he's able to save the day when the fired writer tries to kill her. But even saving her life isn't enough for Alison to agree to let him do the movie. After Warren cools down, he and Blah make amends, Warren plans to sign the papers, Blah lets Maldora know that he's ready to move on, and Warren and Maggie get back together.
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