Greg the Bunny

Season 1 Episode 10

Blah Bawls

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Aug 04, 2002 on FOX



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    • Greg: (voiceover) You know, I really learned something that day. Something besides the fact that Jimmy has to get a new car, because, let me tell you, these little side trips to the cemetery are way too emotionally draining. I learned that, you know, even though it's scary to let go of the past, being able to do so is a true test of character.

    • Blah: Oh, you'll be fine. Besides, if you're always retracing your footsteps, you'll never make new ones, blah.
      Warren: That's a little odd coming from somebody whose idea of a hot date is to sob uncontrollably to a marble slab.

    • Maggie: You are a pompous, self-centered monkey!
      Warren: You are a shallow, manipulative trollop!
      Gil: Hey, why don't we all calm down before somebody says something untrue.

    • Maggie: And I'll have you know, Blah is the greatest lover I've ever had. Talk about a G-spot? He found the whole damn alphabet.

    • Maggie: Warren, stop it. There is nothing going on between Gil and me. I mean, look at him!
      Gil: Hello. Person with feelings standing here.
      Maggie: Despite what you think, I wouldn't just sleep with anything.
      Gil: Anything? Hey, you married an ape and slept with a vampire!

    • Dottie: Look, I know Jack's a little strange. But he's not stalking you. When would he have the time, with all his anger management classes and gun club meetings?

    • Gil: This thing between you and Maggie. Is it, uh, serious? Blah: No, it's just a one-time thing. Well, technically, it's a four-time thing. But just one night. Gil: Four? Blah: I know, I'm a little rusty.

    • Gil: Alright, how the hell did that happen?
      Blah: Oh, it's all Jimmy and Greg's fault, blah. They took me to this silly phone bar, and... well, I haven't been with anyone in six years, and Maggie was there, and one thing led to another, and the next thing I know, she's blahing me.

    • Greg: So, apparently, poor Blah has been visiting his wife's grave every day for, like, six years.
      Jimmy: Well, in all fairness, it's not like she can go to his place.
      Dottie: My uncle, Dan, was a romantic like this. He used to visit the spot where my aunt was buried all the time. That's how the FBI finally found the body.

    • Gil: ...but Alison at the network just hated your "Trust Song," so she's making me fire you.
      Psycho Writer: What? I put my heart and soul into that song.
      Gil: I know. I know, and it shows, it sh--please. And I quote your song, "May my bones be crushed in moldy dust. If you can't trust, you can't trust, you can't tru-uh-ust me" when I say that I loved your song... Now your office has been cleaned out, boxes are already in your car, so off you go.
      Psycho Writer: This sucks.
      Alison: What was that about?
      Gil: Oh, nothing. The writer of "The Trust Song" just quit.
      Alison: Oh, really? Oh, I loved that song.
      Gil: Hey, we all did.

    • Greg: Sometimes we get so attached to things that it becomes hard to move on. Things like old cars... bad relationships... my pet snake who loved to sleep in the driveway.

  • Notes

    • Count Blah's wife's epitaph:

    • The outtakes tag for this episode was not broadcast by FOX. It was replaced with a promo. In this show, one outtake is shown during the closing credits: Maggie and Count Blah french kissing in bed (to the hoots and hollers of the crew).

    • Visually references both the film King Kong and Samsonite commercials from the 1970s.

    • The role of Maggie was written with Jennifer Coolidge in mind.

    • Moe Gans-Pomerantz is credited as Moe Gans Pomerantz.

    • Originally scheduled to air on May 8, 2002. The series was originally supposed to run the first two weeks of May sweeps, but declining ratings (and a lack of network support) led FOX to yank it for all of sweeps, filling the gap with reruns of The Bernie Mac Show instead.

    • Music: "Nothing Takes the Place of You" by William Bell

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