Greg the Bunny

Season 1 Episode 11

Dottie Heat

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Aug 11, 2002 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • The scenes with Greg over at Dottie's apartment while "The Lovecats" is playing in the background -- and which are intercut with the scenes of Jimmy, Alison and Eddie at the quickie-mart and Jack's and the puppets' poker game -- encompass a 4 minute, 50 second period. Which is longer than any version of "The Lovecats" actually lasts for. Also, although the scenes are obviously supposed to be running in real time, since Greg and Dottie are playing different games every time they cut back from the other co-workers, the point in "The Lovecats" where their scenes resume isn't anywhere near the point in the song (both the 3:37 version and the 4:35 version) where they should be resuming.

  • Quotes

    • Jack: Uh oh, sounds like a lovers' quarrel.
      Greg: Hey, shut your hole old man!, I mean, nice boots you got.

    • Dottie: Oh, Greggy. I can't believe you stood up and defended my honor like that. No man has ever, ever done that for me before. It was so... masculine.
      (She kisses him)
      Greg: Hey, looks like I could use a little fabric softener.

    • Gil: Okay, people. Let's set up for the birthday greetings. I've got a network note here. Susie and Kenny are now Shaniqua and Carlos.

    • Jimmy: ...Charlie Sheen creepy, or Charlie Manson creepy?
      Alison: It was, like, your own brand of creepy.
      Jimmy: Wait a minute. Don't--don't tell me that you really go for that... big, dumb, good-looking, you know, working-out, hair-brushing, shaving--
      Alison: What, have you, like, watched too many sitcoms where the--the quirky underdog who steals the heart of the unattainable woman? This is the real world, my friend.
      Susan: Excuse me. Coming through.

    • Warren: You and Dottie last night. What happened in the bedroom?
      Greg: Oh! Oh, well, uh, we bounced around a lot. So much in fact, we broke her bed. And--and then she banged me up against the wall.
      Blah: Mazel tov, blah.
      Jimmy: Uh... so just to be perfectly clear, you actually nailed her?
      Greg: Yeah, I did. You know, I pulled out my little gun, and I nailed her, like, five times.
      Blah: Uh, okay. Too much information, blah.
      Greg: Eh, what's the big deal? I do it to Jimmy all the time.

    • Warren: Yeah, well, I dancered and prancered that vixen, and, man, was I blitzened. Ah, what do ya know. The well's not dry after all.

    • Blah: Ah, looks like our little bunny is now a rabbit, blah.
      Gil: Oh, come on. He's not like you guys. He's--he's pure, he's innocent.
      Jimmy: They just pulled in together.
      Gil: She schtupped him.

    • Warren: Oh, come on, Blah. You can't leave now.
      Blah: No, I gotta get home, and, uh, rehearse my lines for tomorrow, blah.
      Jack: We're doing the alphabet.
      Blah: Any numbers?

    • Jack: You know who I heard had to sell his house?
      Blah: Who, blah?
      Jack: Snuffleupagus.
      Warren: Snuffy? Come on. He's loaded.
      Jack: All went up his nose.

    • Greg: But I'm not cool.
      Jimmy: Well, then just act like somebody cool. Who's the coolest guy you know?
      Greg: Abe Lincoln.
      Jimmy: That's a great idea, Greg. You get a top hat, you go over to Dottie's house, and then you free the slaves.

    • Blah: Dottie's a fabulous girl, and we all love her. But the problem is... she's too needy.
      Warren: I like needy. Last year's Christmas party, let's just say she decked my halls, and I gave her a holy night.
      Gil: Lovely, Warren.
      Warren: Yeah, we were joyful and triumphant. Pah rum pa pum pum.
      Gil: Yeah, we get the point.
      Warren: Ah, good, good, 'cause I'm out of Christmas innuendos... No, wait, uh... she was a heavenly piece.

    • Greg: Come on, they'd never fire Oscar.
      Jimmy: No, I read all about it. His shrink put him on Prozac. He stopped being a grouch.

  • Notes

    • The outtakes tag for this episode was not broadcast by FOX. It was replaced with a promo. In this show, three outtakes are shown during the closing credits: Greg improvising in a director's chair; Count Blah improvising during the poker game; Susan the Monster interrupting Alison's and Greg's discussion by saying "Excuse me. Coming through. Gotta pee" (in which, much unlike the final cut, Sarah Silverman actually doesn't bungle her line).

    • This episode aired out of order. Alison barely knows who Jimmy is, something which she certainly knew in most episodes shown before it. Watch it before "SK-2.0."

    • This, "Sock Like Me" and "Rabbit Redux" are the only episodes in which Greg does not offer opening and closing narration. Perhaps they were lopped off.

    • Eddie McClintock and Steven Levitan previously worked together on Stark Raving Mad and Just Shoot Me.

    • Music: "The Lovecats" by The Cure

  • Allusions

    • Gil: This is gonna make 'The Rainbow Song' look like a steaming pile of dump.

      'The Rainbow Song' is sung by Barney, on his show Barney and Friends,.

    • Greg: Come on, they'd never fire Oscar.

      Oscar the Grouch was the green muppet who lived in a trashcan on Sesame Steet.

    • Jack: You know who I heard had to sell his house? Snuffleupagus.

      Snuffleupagus is a woolly mammoth muppet from Sesame Street.