Greg the Bunny

Season 1 Episode 8

Father & Son Reunion

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Jun 05, 2002 on FOX

Episode Recap

Jimmy can't seem to figure out why Gil is in such a bad mood around the set -- until he bumps into his mother, Sandy, making out with his mean high school coach, Don Dinkins. Sandy breaks it to Jimmy that she and Gil aren't just having a trial separation, they're getting divorced -- which was something that Gil was supposed to tell him. On the set, Jimmy angrily confronts his father, who, in turn, bursts into tears and spills his guts to Blah. Blah advises Gil to patch things up with the one relationship he can still save. So Gil drops by Jimmy's place, and promises to spend more time with him, which isn't good enough for Jimmy, who's disappointed that Gil hid the truth from him. Warren is laughed at by the rest of the staff when he hands out tickets to the opening night of his one-man show, "A Swan Has No Eyes." They all reluctantly go, and Gil -- who's high on hash brownies Greg and Jimmy tricked him into eating -- attempts to use the opportunity to be more of a buddy to his son. Warren's play stinks so bad that Gil decides he's going to take Jimmy out to play miniature golf then and there. So he drags the kid where the mini-golf course used to be, only to find out it's now a convenience store. When Gil becomes desperate to find some other hobby for them to do, Jimmy tells him that doing stuff together isn't going to make him feel better over not being told about the divorce. But he does feel better when Gil confesses that he didn't tell him because he was embarrassed that Sandy left him. And for the coach, no less. With Greg's assistance, they manage to partake in a father-son hobby they all enjoy -- throwing eggs on Dinkins' property. Meanwhile, Dottie is freaked out when Jack starts calling her his "mall buddy" for no other reason than he ran into her there.