Greg the Bunny

Season 1 Episode 13

Jimmy Drives Gil Crazy

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Unknown on FOX

Episode Recap

Jimmy feels underappreciated when Gil and Alison both get on his case for failing to deliver a script to the network and a tape to post-production. In the middle of his crisis of faith, Warren makes Jimmy run an errand for him: borrow his car, scoop a pile of dog crap off his lawn and take it to the vet for an analysis -- to see if it contains chunks of the raspberries that he fed to his neighbor, Corey Feldman's, dog. When he and Greg get to Warren's house, Jimmy finds a horny Catholic schoolgirl skinny dipping in Warren's pool. His faith restored, Jimmy pretends he is Warren, and lets himself be seduced by the girl, who ties him to the coffee table, takes Warren's camcorder, and videotapes him making animal noises while dressed up in her school uniform. Afterwards, she reveals that she was hired by Corey Feldman, who was fed up with living next door to Warren, and wanted some incriminating evidence that he could later use against his neighbor the next time Warren called the police and the tabloids on his parties. While Jimmy is otherwise preoccupied, Corey, who feels underappreciated himself, steals Warren's car with Greg in it, and decides to run from the police when they go after him. Back at the studio, everyone watches the chase on the news and think Jimmy is the one in the car, and Gil goes after him to try to stop Jimmy from ruining his life -- especially since he told Jimmy earlier that morning that if he worked hard enough as a P.A., one day he could succeed in his profession, much like the black guy on Becker. Gil steps in front of the speeding car, but Corey chickens out and stops before he runs over Gil. Gil takes a megaphone and starts to shout compliments at Jimmy, who shows up behind him. Corey is taken away by the police, Warren cries about the damages to his car, Gil yells at Jimmy for screwing up a delivery again, and Greg celebrates the most exciting morning he's had in a long time by showing everyone back at the studio the tape of Jimmy tied to Warren's coffee table.