Greg the Bunny

Season 1 Episode 6

Rabbit Redux (a.k.a. Rochester Returns)

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Apr 24, 2002 on FOX

Episode Recap

Greg has recurring nightmares that he stole Jack's wrench, and a shadowy figure buries him alive in his rabbit hole to teach him a lesson. Jimmy gets woken up by Greg's moaning one night, goes to see what's wrong, and winds up with a black eye when Greg mistakenly thinks he's the one trying to bury him. Jimmy hopes to use his new shiner to help him bag Alison, but when she laughs at his attempt at machismo, Count Blah offers some dating tips -- give her the silent treatment, pay more attention to whomever she's with, and her jealousy will drive her straight to him. Greg finally realizes that the shadowy figure is Rochester Rabbit. Hoping to end the dreams and his guilt, Greg plans to track him down to make amends. He and Jack find the former star penniless and destitute since being fired. Greg brings Rochie back to the set, and sweettalks Gil into giving him a job -- as the janitor. Jimmy tests Blah's advice by acknowledging Susan the Monster when she's with Alison, but instead of making Alison fall for him, it makes Susan fall for him. So Jimmy uses that to his advantage. Alison is one step ahead of him, though, and attempts to break it gently to Susan what he's doing. Susan doesn't believe her, however. Rochester is so humiliated at the indignities of being forced to mop the floors that Greg fakes an ankle injury to get him back in the limelight. Gil doesn't even mind when Greg exposes himself as a liar, since Rochester returns to his former glory with flair. He works himself to death dancing "Turkey in the Straw" for the show's Thanksgiving episode. Literally. He drops dead from a heart attack. Rochester's estate left Gil in charge of the wake he wanted: a tacky Friars-type lounge-act show that disturbs Greg. At the funeral, Jimmy admits the truth to Susan, but when he gets some major tongue from her, he wonders if Alison is the one he wanted after all. Warren's heartwarming memorial to Rochester relieves Greg and cures his nightmares, but the toast becomes a bit too ironic when one of Rochie's dying requests -- smoking a final cigar in his coffin -- sets his body ablaze.