Greg the Bunny

Season 1 Episode 6

Rabbit Redux (a.k.a. Rochester Returns)

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Apr 24, 2002 on FOX



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    • Warren: And, uh, you know, I wrote a bunch of jokes, but, uh, I'm not, uh... well, the thing is, I, uh, I wasn't there when Rochie died, and I hadn't seen that tape before. And, frankly, it, uh, moved me. I can think of nothing more beautiful than to depart this earth doing what it is that you love. And, in Rochester's case, performing, dancing under those bright lights, a hoofing cowboy dying with his boots on. So I salute you, Rochester, my rival, my friend, for going out in a grand, theatrical style. And I tip my hat to Greg. Son, you cared enough to give Rochester the greatest gift that a man can receive. A smile to shape his very last breath. So, to Rochester.

    • Gil: But, you know, uh, Rochie was a, uh, bit of a health nut. He always stuck to a balanced diet. A drink in each hand.
      (cricket chirping)
      Gil: 'Cause the diet was... balanced. Okay, I put together a little video tribute. 'Cause it's not the first time Rochester's died on stage.
      (cricket chirping)
      Cricket: Yo, back off. The guy's funny.

    • Alison: And as a network executive, Rochie was always accusing me of being stiff and cold. Right back at ya, Rochie!
      (rim shot)

    • Dottie: And as a beloved television star, Rochester touched millions of adoring fans. Fortunately, only six of them pressed charges.
      (rim shot)

    • Jack: You know, we were all, uh, shocked when, uh, Rochie had a heart attack. Smart money was on liver failure.
      (rim shot)

    • Greg: Oh, this doesn't seem like a very respectful funeral. Look what they've done to Rochester.
      Jimmy: Well, Greg, when some people die, it's a time to be sad. You know, but when others die, like the Irish or really evil people, it's a time to celebrate.

    • Alison: Ooh, this is really difficult for me to say -- and I'm only saying it because I don't want to see you get hurt. I think Jimmy is flirting with you because he wants to get me jealous.
      Susan: Oh, please! What would he want with a hairless, two-breasted woman, when he can have all this?

    • Alison: --I'm just saying that I think it was kind of bizarre for you to call me on my cell phone to tell me that cell phones give you cancer. Do you--

    • Gil: Hey, Warren, you shouldn't kick Rochie when he's down.
      Warren: Oh, right, right. Like when you fired him from his job of 15 years, and tossed him out onto the street. You replaced him with Greg, and you hired him back to be our manservant.
      Gil: Uh, no. I did that when he was on top. I'm saying, don't kick him when he's down. There's a difference.

    • Warren: Heh heh. Oh, ol' Rochie, Rochie. How far the mighty have fallen.
      Rochester: It's just a little dry spell -- I'll be back. I'm like John Travolta in between Grease and Pulp Fiction.
      Warren: Yes, well, until Quentin Tarantino swoops in, there's an overflowing toilet in the men's can.

    • Greg: No, wait, Rochester. Look, Mr. Bender, if you don't hire Rochester, then I quit!
      Rochester: You would do that for me?
      Greg: Yes, I would.
      Rochester: So, Gil, are you recasting? 'Cause I'm available.

    • Jimmy: Hi, Susan. Looking good.
      Susan: H-H-Hi, Jimmy.
      Jimmy: You smell nice. What's that scent you're wearing?
      Susan: Scotchguard.

    • Alison: Are you okay?
      Jimmy: Oh, yeah, it's nothing. It's something I got playing rugby.
      Alison: You play rugby?
      Jimmy: Yeah. Don't let my height or... weight or... build or... delicate features fool you.

    • Greg: Oh, sorry, Jimmy. I was having that nightmare again.
      Jimmy: What, the "buried alive" nightmare?
      Greg: Yeah. This time, they were singing some happy song, and then all of a sudden, it got dark and unpleasant, like an Andrew Lloyd Weber musical.

    • (All Singing)
      Jack: Many things are good to take, like a swim out on the lake.
      Blah: Take a walk or take a hike. Take a ride on your new bike, blah.
      Dottie: Take a train to New Orleans.
      Jack: Take a look at my blue jeans.
      Greg: Take my temperature when I'm sickly.
      Warren: Relax, this will be over quickly.
      Dottie: But never take what isn't yours in your grubby, little paws.
      Jack: Greg, isn't that what you have done?
      Greg: Come on, guys, this isn't fun.
      Dottie: Taking something causing grief.
      Jack/Blah/Dottie/Warren: Admit it, Greg, you are a thief. Admit it, admit it, admit it, admit it, admit it, admit it...

  • Notes

    • The closing credits note that the mural in Harry's Bar was done by Al Hirschfeld of The Margo Feiden Galleries Ltd.

    • The outtakes tag for this episode was not broadcast by FOX. It was replaced with a promo. In this show, four outtakes are shown during the closing credits: three different takes of the scene where Rochester gets soaked after a passing car drives over a puddle, and a deleted joke from Gil's memorial routine ("he's the kind of man who'd give you the sleeves off his vest").

    • The music to the song in Greg's nightmare was written by Bill Freiberger's wife.

    • This, "Sock Like Me," and "Dottie Heat" are the only episodes in which Greg does not offer opening and closing narration. Perhaps they were lopped off.

    • The same day this was broadcast, Dan Milano was a guest on Howard Stern's radio show, with Greg the Bunny on (in?) hand. After Howard's staff and assorted callers kicked Greg around, Howard convinced Milano to come out and finish up the interview as himself. Howard's staff and assorted callers then proceeded to kick Milano around. Meanwhile, Robin commented on how dead Greg looked when lying in Milano's lap. The segment was televised on E! on May 13, where the entire Greg illusion was shattered early on when the producers decided to focus the camera on Milano setting things up from behind a wall. As badly as Stern and company treated Dan and Greg that day, it was still probably better than FOX treated them.

    • This was the last episode of the original production order, shot in the spring of 2001. FOX then ordered seven more episodes, which were shot that fall (with a slightly revised production crew). Somewhere during the hiatus, Greg developed glass eyes. FOX "suggested" it... and since the network decided not to air the episodes in anything resembling production order, Greg bounced back and forth from button eyes to glass ones one week to the next.

    • Originally scheduled to air the previous week, on April 17, 2002. It was intended to air in November, 2001 in anticipation of a fall slot which never happened. The editor would like to say that Greg the Bunny would have made a nice pairing with The Tick... but since they basically cancelled that show before a single episode ever aired, maybe he wouldn't.

    • Music: "Turkey in the Straw," performed by Bob Gunton, Dina Waters and Rochester Rabbit; "I'm Slippin' In" by The Spiders

  • Allusions

    • Visual: Jimmy's shirt.

      During several scenes Jimmy is wearing a shirt that says 'Ed, Edd, n' Eddy'. This is the name of a show that airs on Cartoon Network.

    • Greg: Like an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical.

      Cats and The Phantom of the Opera are just a few musicals that the successful Andrew Lloyd Weber has composed.

    • Rochester: I'm like John Travolta in between Grease and Pulp Fiction.

      John Travolta's acting career hit a dry spell after he stared in the successful musical Grease (1978), not finding any success until the 1994 Quentin Tarantino masterpiece Pulp Fiction.

    • The title of this episode alludes to the 1971 novel from John Updike that goes by the same name. It was part two of a four part series that followed the life of Harry "Rabbit" Angstrom.

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