Greg the Bunny

Season 1 Episode 6

Rabbit Redux (a.k.a. Rochester Returns)

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Apr 24, 2002 on FOX



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      Jack: Many things are good to take, like a swim out on the lake.
      Blah: Take a walk or take a hike. Take a ride on your new bike, blah.
      Dottie: Take a train to New Orleans.
      Jack: Take a look at my blue jeans.
      Greg: Take my temperature when I'm sickly.
      Warren: Relax, this will be over quickly.
      Dottie: But never take what isn't yours in your grubby, little paws.
      Jack: Greg, isn't that what you have done?
      Greg: Come on, guys, this isn't fun.
      Dottie: Taking something causing grief.
      Jack/Blah/Dottie/Warren: Admit it, Greg, you are a thief. Admit it, admit it, admit it, admit it, admit it, admit it...