Greg the Bunny

FOX (ended 2002)


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  • A show about puppets or has they preferred to be called "Fabricated Americans." It stars Greg who through luck became star of "Sweetknuckle Junction" a children’s television show.

    This is one of my favorite shows for one reason it is definitely one of the best shows that I have watched blah. The show is like a behind the scene at Sesame Street except it takes an adult twist with very funny humor and some really great episodes. The show centers around Greg the Bunny who is the star of “Sweetknuckle Junction.” Jimmy his roommate is the PA at “Sweetknuckle Junction.” Other characters include Warren the Ape who thinks he is too great an actor to star on a children’s show, he can’t wait till he gets his big break. Count Blah is a vampire who always says blah after every sentence he says, Gil is the director of “Sweetknukle” and Alison is the network executive. The DVD is great it comes with two unaired episodes and has a special short film staring one of my favorite characters Tardy the Turtle.