Greg the Bunny

FOX (ended 2002)


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  • Warren Demontegue rules you. He will be by shortly to make sure you know this. That is all.

    From public access to national television came Greg the Bunny, into a world not ready to see someone spitting into Kermit's cup. But while the show is called Greg the Bunny, in truth, it was Warren that always stole the show.

    Warren was hysterical, always ready with an off the cuff sarcastic remark that showed both his quick wit and his general distain for his fellow man. Sort of like Becker, but actually funny.

    Indeed, when I tuned in, it was for Warren, not Greg or the rest. I'm just glad Warren blunty said he was the real talent in the DVD release. Relax, Warren. At least one of us out here knows it.