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FOX (ended 2002)


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  • This was one of the greatest shows of all time, but the cowardly FOX network wouldn't give it the chance it deserved.

    Greg the Bunny existed in the logical fantasy extension of the Sesame Street world in which humans and puppets co-exist. the premise is that all the puppets from Sesame Street onward are actual living individuals with their own distinct personalities and their own particular demons.

    Greg the Bunny lucks his way into a job acting on a children's show much like Sesame Street. The classic dichotomy of the show was the contrast between the very adult characters with very adult perspectives who bounce in and out of their children show personas. There is also the tension between characters, like Jack, who does not appreciate working in such a close proximity with puppets; there is also Warren, who is a self-absorbed prima donna who requires such stage direction as "Sober up!"

    The Moral of the story is that Greg the Bunny worked and it worked well. The fact that few people remember the show at all can solely be blamed on FOX. FOX was one of the few stations that would be brave enough to take a risk on such a show; nevertheless, FOX was too cowardly to let it run its course. Thirteen shows were made, but only six shows were allowed to air. FOX took a chance, but since it did not come out of the gate as runaway hit, the network grew nervous and canceled it. It's a good thing that they didn't panic after the Simpsons first pathetic season and allowed that show to find its vision and audience.

    Greg the Bunny was, unfortunately, too good for television. I thank FOX for allowing the show to be made and I thank them for airing some of the shows that were made. Nevertheless, FOX deserves blame for not giving this intelligent little gem of a show the chance it deserved. Then again, what do expect from a network that canceled Family Guy twice. It would be great if Cartoon Network bought the rights to the show and aired it on adult swim. Adult Swim resurrected Family Guy from cancellation, and I know that if more people had the opportunity to watch Greg the Bunny, it would not only be a hit, but new shows would be back on the air.

    Until that happens, the DVD of the complete series is available and highly recommended. Then again, if you remember the show at all, you probably already own the DVD.