Greg the Bunny

Season 1 Episode 2

SK-2.0 (a.k.a. How the Count Got His Blah Back)

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Mar 31, 2002 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • When Warren enters the focus group and starts strangling the little girl, Alison helps the little girl replace her glasses. The scene cuts back to the room with Junction Jack and Count Blah laughing, but when it cuts back to the focus group, we see Alison replacing the girl's glasses again.

    • When Greg tells Gil that the remodeled show isn't going well, the number of buttons buttoned on Gil's shirt changes from shot to shot.

  • Quotes

    • Jack: What happened to Choo?
      Jimmy: He's not Choo. It's Chi-Zoo.

    • Greg: (Voiceover) Needless to say, we went back to the old Sweetknuckle Junction. Alison told Jimmy that his ideas just weren't jelling creatively with the network. Not to mention all the lawsuits we got from the parents of those twitching kids. Jimmy, you know, the hard-driven creative consultant went back to just being, well... Jimmy. And that's a'ight with me.

    • Alison: You know, I really feel great about this new direction. I just--you know, it's--it's fun, and it's fresh, and it's--it's full of new ideas.
      Jimmy: Then why are we testing it?
      Alison: To see if we like it.

    • Warren: I look fat. P-h-a-t phat.

    • Dottie: You think I'm fat.
      Blah: No, that's--that's Warren.
      Warren: Would you like a fistful of gold, Liberace?
      Blah: Oh, Liberace. Tough talk coming from Notorious P.I.G.

    • Dottie: ...Jimmy, I like this outfit, but... don't you think it's a bit much? I mean, my grandmother watches this show.
      Jimmy: Well, Dottie, we're not doing this show for the grandmothers. We're doing it for the kids.
      Dottie: Oh, okay. As long as it's for the kids. I'll just be practicing on my go-go pole.

    • Greg: ...Why didn't you just call a doctor?
      Warren: Oh, yes, there's a fine way to make my case with the network. "Oh, I am not overweight, I tell you. And, by the way, here's the bill from when my ass exploded."

    • Warren: ...I am not fat! I... don't be ridiculous! Of course, I can touch my toes! Here, I will prove it to you.
      (sound of ripping fabric is heard)
      Warren: Uh... um, something ripped. No, I'm not wearing pants! I... Maury... I--I think I just tore myself a new one.

    • Gil: Yeah, well, like I said, it's not my problem.
      Dottie: But that's what you do. When we complain, you fix.
      Gil: Top four answers on the board. Show me "Not My Problem." Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding.
      Warren: Yeah, I'd like to change categories, and take "Television's Biggest Jackasses" for $400.

    • Alison: Jimmy. He's Gil's son. I'm putting him in charge. He's the... P.A.
      Warren: Wait, I have to listen to the kid who lets my coffee get cold? While you're at it, why don't you make Tardy Turtle the head of the network?

    • Alison: I know you all fear change, so from now on, any changes will be referred to as "enhancements."
      Dottie: Oh, I got enhancements.

    • Gil: You can't put the future of this show in the hands of a P.A. A P.A. who, by the way, only has the job 'cause I'm trying to give that moron some self confidence.

    • Gil: Yes, Alison.
      Alison: Jimmy just left my office.
      Gil: Oh, God. Whatever he did, wherever he touched you, I apologize.
      Alison: No, he was telling me his ideas for the show.
      Gil: Oy. I apologize for that, too.

    • Jimmy: See, now this one's the bullet train. So I'm thinkin' silver. I'm thinkin', you know, James Cameron. Like--like, The Matrix.
      Gil: Yeah, you're thinking The Matrix, but you're babbling like Rain Man.

    • Jimmy: Oh, please. The cartoon train station?
      Alison: It's true. You know, kids today don't even like trains.
      Gil: Everybody likes trains!
      Alison: No, Gil, have you been on a train? It's depressing. Nobody wants to spend their vacation staring at poor people's backyards.
      Gil: Our train goes to the pickle patch and back.

    • Greg: (voiceover) There's an old saying: If it ain't broke, don't fix it. And, personally, I never liked that saying. No, I thought it should go: If it's workin' alright, just say goodnight. Huh, see, 'cause, well, for starters, it rhymes. And... well, anyway, who would I talk to about changing that?

    • Gil: Ah, network testing. What could be more fun than this? Oh, I know. Who wants to kick me in the face?
      Warren: Ooh. (Raises hand) Heh heh. Oh, I'm sorry, was that a rhetorical question?

  • Notes

    • The outtakes tag for this episode was not broadcast by FOX. It was replaced with a promo. In this show, three outtakes are shown during the closing credits: Gil telling Warren to "stand in the corner" after he attacks the black girl; Greg asking Jimmy "what do the fingers do?" after Jimmy uses his hands to explain the new show to Greg; Greg telling Gil that he "misspelled goiter" in his crossword puzzle.

    • The storyline is, more or less, based on two real-life incidents: Sesame Street getting retooled to make it hipper in the face of declining ratings, and numerous children in Japan getting seizures from watching Pocket Monsters.

    • In this episode, Seth Green (Jimmy) is wearing a "Big Boy" shirt. Seth also starred in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, where one of Mike Myers' characters, Dr. Evil, was frozen in a "Big Boy" statue.

    • Music: "Here I Go Again" by Whitesnake

  • Allusions

    • Greg: After you saw Risky Business you had a vision of running a brothel in the basement.

      Risky Business (1983), the film Greg is referring to, stared Tom Cruise whose character turns his parent's house in to a bordello.

    • Blah: Tough talk coming from Notorious P.I.G.

      Refers to the late rapper Christopher Wallace, a.k.a The Notorious B.I.G. Who was shot and killed on March 9th, 1997.