Greg the Bunny

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM May 29, 2002 on FOX

Episode Recap

Thanks to her assistant not telling her about it until the last minute, Alison scrambles to warn everyone that a TV Guide reporter, Laura Carlson, is paying a visit to the set to do a story for their children's television issue. For Alison's dream of making the cover to become a reality, the cast will actually have to pretend to get along. And Gil will have to stop making awful puns in a botched attempt to impress the reporter with his wit. Since both Jimmy and Greg find themselves hot for Laura, they promise the other one they'll be "hands off" with her -- a promise neither keeps. Because everyone forgot that it's his birthday, a hurt and angry Jack blows Alison's cover by letting Laura know that the cast and crew aren't a happy family, they're a Manson family. When Laura confronts Alison about what Jack said, Alison saves face by telling her that they're throwing a surprise party for him. Laura finds the party a great angle for her story, and asks if she could come. Now Alison has to scramble to throw a party together. Gil pulls Jimmy aside while he's trying to make his move on Laura, and asks him to break into Jack's house to set things up. While they wait for Jack to arrive, Laura tells Greg that she's interested in somebody who works on the show... Alison. Greg then has a little fun with Jimmy, and tells him that Laura's interested in him. Alison tries in vain to get the cast to stop acting like freaks, but her hopes are crushed when Jack comes home. Dressed like a woman. Surprise! Now Alison has to scramble to get Laura out so the others can convince Jack to change before Laura sees him like that. While Alison is stalling, Laura surprises her with a big open-mouth kiss -- which Jimmy witnesses, mistakenly believing she wants a threesome. Jack refuses to change, Laura sees what he's wearing, Gil tries to cover with a lie that Jack did it as a prank after finding out about the party, and Jack admits that he just likes crossdressing. The cast really is a happy family, as the others all bond together to confess their twisted secrets to Laura, Alison invites Laura to her place, and Sweetknuckle Junction makes the cover.
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